George Zimmerman: Not Guilty – 'Social' Justice Served


The not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman will undoubtedly be the subject of many articles and commentators as they ponder over the strategic decisions of the prosecutor in an effort to give the impression our legal system is in need of repair. After all, Zimmerman was already found guilty in the court of public opinion. That’s what the media and the leftwing race baiters had wanted you to believe as they had built a phony case based on the fabricated distortions of social justice. A case built on the premises of white on black racism was sold to the public by those seeking to take advantage of such an event before any facts were even discovered. The Department of Justice, as we have learned over the past week was directly involved in organizing protests with tax payer dollars in an attempt to instigate racial tensions. It was easy to do as well as we have millions of Americans who have been beaten down with social justice educations that have absolutely no idea how our legal system even works. You can expect that the left wing media will likely report on this verdict as an example of the racial oppression in America and the dominant white man’s society keeping the minorities down. That is after all the narrative of social justice.

The problem with social justice is that it just isn’t real. We have a society and a constitution that are based on natural law. Social justice and natural law are not compatible because one supports the truth while the other supports an ideal vision of how certain members of society believe the world should be. Right now we are being governed by radicals who believe in the concept of total equality, taking the words from the Declaration of Independence “All men are created equal” way out of context. This is manifesting itself through radical educational theories deliberately teaching Americans that our country was founded unjustly because of slavery. Our liberal universities are purposely teaching your children that the white man’s society, which they foolishly call a “meritocracy,” is knowingly or not oppressing minorities because they have an inability to adapt to our capitalistic ways. All the while they are changing the very definition of racism from one that actually describes real oppressive actions; to one where believing blacks are just as capable of achieving without government assistance is considered racist. This point was made loud and clear when this writer was treated as a racist for disagreeing with a radical professor when she taught the class that black Americans would be happier if they stopped trying to compete in white America and view themselves as oppressed victims. It seems to me, and I have said this before but it needs to be said, if you are teaching that minorities need special protection while at the same time pushing for government to regulate equality than you may be the racist.

None of this is based on any reality whatsoever. Sure, the country had slaves when it was founded but there are so many points about slavery left out of the equation in education because if they were taught the left wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. The big lie here is the 3/5 compromise. In school, the leftwing race dividers will tell you that the 3/5 compromise allowed the states to get away with viewing slaves as only 3/5 a person. Not true, the 3/5 compromise allowed the northern states to legislate into law that the slave population counted as 3/5 of the population in order to limit the number of congressional representatives slave states could have. This is the beginning of the movement to free the slaves. It’s common knowledge to many Americans that the Democrat Party has done more to harm the black population through their social engineering programs. There was a time before big government welfare where the marriage rates for blacks was higher than for whites. This was destroyed with the great society programs of Lyndon Johnson as he ensured through free handouts that young black mothers would look to government for their survival. What we are seeing today through social justice education is, in my opinion, an attempt to project the racist attitudes of the left on to the rest of society by giving the impression that we are still living in an era governed by Jim Crow laws, which incidentally were also passed by democrats. If you look at any inner city ghetto that is over run by gang problems and poor impoverished minority populations they are generally governed by Democrats.

The left was hoping that all of this social justice indoctrination would influence the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial as they, from the get go, gave the impression that this was a white vs. black issue, even though George Zimmerman wasn’t white. What was significant about the whole thing is the results of the trial may have proven more than George Zimmerman being innocent. It proves that in a world increasingly being governed by moral relativism and people with agendas indifferent to the attitudes and beliefs of everyday Americans that truth still matters. It proves once again that Americans can rise above the hateful scare tactics and see truth when it needs to be seen. It proves that the truth will come to light no matter hard radicals and race baiters try to change the narrative. To conclude, I believe the Zimmerman verdict is a representation of true “social” justice because of all the lies and propaganda that surrounded the case.

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