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Earlier today, Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law the latest “controversial” gun bill that removes restrictions for law-abiding gun owners who legally own guns. Of course, this has the left in an uproar, but they’ll only be happy when no law-abiding citizen owns guns and only criminals do. They’ll still blame that on the right though.

In Elijay, GA, the governor was surrounding by law-abiding gun owners who were there to mark the day that he signed the Safe Carry Protection Act into law. This removes restrictions that had been on law-abiding gun owners by increasing the places where guns can be legally carried. New York State has its so-called NY Safe Act, which essentially further restricts gun-owners’ rights. The new Safe Carry Protection Act is designed to treat adults as adults.

Just prior to signing the new bill into law, Gov. Deal was quoted as saying, “Our state has some of the best protections for gun owners in the United States. And today we strengthen those rights protected by our nation’s most revered founding document.” Of course, the passage into law of this bill does not please the anti-gun crowd, who have dubbed the bill the “guns everywhere” law.

What it means is that law-abiding gun owners who have concealed carry permits are now able to carry their legally purchased weapons into some bars, some churches, as well as other places. Why “some”? Because the gun owner still needs permission of the owner of the bar or the pastor/deacons of the church in order to carry their gun there.

Critics, of course, have visions of mass shooting deaths in these places now that the opportunity exists to carry guns in bars and/or church. Of course, need we mention that both bars and churches have been places in which people have walked in off the street and opened fire on innocent people? In those cases, no one was able to shoot the perpetrator simply because while the criminals have no problem ignoring the law, law-abiding citizens do have a problem and because of that, they obey the law. Critics are blind to this though.

Again, the verbiage in the bill that was signed into law allows silencers to be used for hunting, and allows guns to be brought into bars and churches (with permission). Beyond this, guns can be carried into some government buildings where no security exists and on school campuses (determined by administration).

Of course, to hear MotherJones, HuffPost, The Salon, and too many other left-wing rags tell it, everyone will be carrying guns everywhere in Georgia before too long. I’ve always believed that an armed society is a safe society. A “gun-free zone” is only safe for criminals, but you still have liberals and leftists who wrongly believe that society would be better off without guns.

There are two problems with that.

  1. It is impossible to remove guns from criminals;
  2. If leftists truly believe what they say, shouldn’t they boldly proclaim that their homes are “gun-free zones” with a sign on their lawn?

I’d be willing to bet that they would not go to that extreme even if all guns were confiscated from everyone. Criminals would still have them and they know it but won’t admit it.

Regarding this new law, it does allow for law-abiding gun owners to carry their weapons in more places. “People will be able to carry firearms in government buildings that don’t have metal detectors, such as city halls, libraries, recreational centers, city office buildings and fire stations.”

Okay, but let’s be clear here. Only those who have paid the money and gone through the background check (by filling out paperwork and submitting fingerprints) and have obtained a concealed weapons permit are eligible for any of this. People who simply own a gun cannot start carrying their gun on them, either openly or concealed, because of this new law.

Only those who hold a current concealed weapons permit can legally carry either concealed or openly in Georgia and it is only to those people whom this new laws applies. But let’s ask a couple of questions anyway, shall we?

Is there anything in place now that will stop a criminal from carrying his/her gun anywhere? Aside from the law, no. Do criminals obey the law? Generally, no. Criminals do not go through the legally required process of obtaining a concealed weapons permit. They won’t pay the money and certainly won’t submit themselves to a background check for what would obviously turn up.

What is the criminal’s choice then? The choice is they obey the law and not carry their illegally obtained weapon, or they ignore the law and carry the weapon they bought illegally off the guy down the street who traffics in black market weapons, drugs, and other illegal paraphernalia.

There is NOTHING that will force a criminal or someone intent on ignoring the law to obey it. Laws do not work for those people. Laws only work for those intent on obeying the law.

However, law-abiding citizens have obediently not brought their weapons into churches or bars, or libraries, or other places that have been specifically off-limits to them before this law came into being. Law-abiding citizens have simply sat back and waited for the legal process to go through its paces and hopefully, there would be a time when it would be legal to do those things. Until then, law-abiding citizens obeyed the law.

The new law in Georgia will ultimately make Georgia safer. Criminals will think twice or three times, that is if they can count that high.

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