There they go, re-writing history – again!


The article which follows, and its date of publication — almost exactly a year ago – is being reprinted to demonstrate exactly what I said back then, especially in light of recent news. (See photo below)

I am sure that by now you have seen all the hype on TV and elsewhere about the new Steven Spielberg movie, Lincoln. The current edition of TIME magazine devotes a whole section to it. Daniel Day Lewis, an actor you have never heard of, portrays President Lincoln, and is said to have an Oscar nomination all locked up. President Obama has even hosted a pre-release private showing of the film at the White House, with Spielberg and Lewis as his honored guests.

The Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies of Northeastern Illinois University has this plaque on its exterior: “This building is dedicated to public service honoring the memory of Abraham Lincoln Democrat.”

Why? Why all of a sudden is the Hollywood crowd all agog over the memory of a Republican president? It has always been an embarrassment to the Leftists that Lincoln, generally recognized as being one of the country’s greatest presidents, was a Republican. But now I get it!

According to the reviews, the current movie sensation attempts to make the point that President Lincoln was really a Democrat! (You don’t think Steven Spielberg would knowingly direct a film about a Republican, do you?)

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It is historically accurate that a massive switch in political affiliations occurred in the 1810s when many members of the Federalist Party joined the Democratic-Republican Party. When the D-R party fell apart in the 1820s, its members switched to various political entities, including the United States Whig Party.  In 1854 northern members of the Whig, American, and Free Soil parties, along with a few northern Democrats, created the Republican Party, and many Southern Whigs became Democrats.

Obviously historians just made a mistake in the confusion associated with the changing party identities, and erroneously branded Democrat Abraham Lincoln as a Republican. Since Lincoln has been dead for quite a few years and no longer able to defend himself, it is now up to Spielberg and Lewis to finally set the record straight!

And, while we are on the subject, since Democrat Thomas Jefferson is alleged to have sired a family of children by his black slave Sally Hemings, he must have been a Republican!

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