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Editor’s Note: The following is eerily reminiscent of what took place prior to the Revolutionary War. This is the same kind of tyranny that was exercised against our Founding Fathers and for which they took up arms. You mean you didn’t learn that the Revolutionary War was mainly sparked from an out of control government attempting to take the Colonists’ arms? Well then, maybe before you read Dean’s piece below, you should educate yourself with the fact that the British banning guns was what brought about the revolution in this article.

Earlier this month, The Daily Sheeple’s Kimberly Paxton reported on the mass “civil disobedience” that is going on in Connecticut. The state estimates that over 350,000 “assault weapons” belonging to as many as 100,000 gun owners remain unregistered:

About 50,000 residents dutifully followed the new law, standing in long lines to register their firearms.

However, officials say that this is just a small percentage and that potentially 350,000 “assault weapons” remain unregistered.

A number estimated to be anywhere from 20,000-100,000 people in Connecticut are now committing a Class D felony. Some politicians believe that people failed to register because they didn’t know about the law, while others believe this is a direct act of defiance, similar to the resistance that took place in New York last January.

A few have tried to provide explanations for the gun owners’ actions (or lack of actions). Some have claimed that many may not have known about the new law or simply did not meet the deadline due to the timing. Anyone who celebrates the December holidays knows that it is easy to forget things that may be a priority at any other time of the year. The measure was signed into law in April of 2013 so I would surmise that the majority of these gun owners had to know.

However, it has since become clear that not all of these gun owners were participating in mass civil disobedience. Some were just slow to comply, or perhaps they got “cold feet” and decided to comply.

So how would you expect that Connecticut would deal with an application that was received a few days late? You would think they might be thankful that the applicant complied, albeit not on their desired schedule.

This is not at all the case. Connecticut has made it clear that this is not about registration of lawful gun owners. This is about finding any excuse they can for gun confiscation. Late applications are not being accepted. Kit Daniels reports:

The State of Connecticut is now demanding that gun owners across the state turn in all newly-banned, unregistered firearms and magazines or face felony arrest.

The State Police Special Licensing & Firearms Unit began mailing out notices to gun owners who attempted to register their firearms and accessories with the state but did not do so in time for the Jan. 1 deadline of Connecticut’s newly enacted gun control law.

The law bans the sale of magazines holding over 10 rounds and “assault rifles” manufactured after 1994 and requires that residents who possessed either before the ban to register them with the state.

“We are returning your application for [an] assault rifle certificate and/or [a] large capacity magazine declaration because it was not received or postmarked prior to January 1, 2014 as required by law,” the notice states.

The Capitalism Institute has acquired a copy of the letter (pasted at the end of this article) and summarizes the situation very succinctly:

So, let’s get this straight… Residents in Connecticut have the choice of:

  1. Complying with blatantly unconstitutional law by threat of government
  2. Selling their weapon to a government-approved dealer;
  3. Destroying their own guns or magazines;
  4. Letting someone in a more pro-gun state hold them; or
  5. Giving it directly to the police.

Talk about “land of the free”!

Does this seem like it was ever about any type of registration for public safety? I don’t personally believe that such things exist, because gun registration is unconstitutional and always directed toward the same goal… gun confiscation.

Be warned America.

A copy of the letter is below:

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