Gun Owners of America Expose Reid & Feinstein’s Plan For Guns


As I reported yesterday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) played the role of being upset with Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) for all but dismissing her assault weapons ban bill from reaching the floor of the Senate for a vote. However Gun Owners of America warn that this is simply a way to pass the ban in an easier manner.

In an interview with WND, Mike Hammond, chief counsel for Gun Owners of America, said, “”It’s a trap! It’s a non-event. What’s going to happen is they’re going to take another bill, and that could be the veterans’ gun ban and then bring that to the floor.”

The reason for breaking the assault weapons ban bill up is to get 60 votes to open debate on the Senate floor.

Once that happens, it is Hammond’s thoughts that they will then put forward Feinstein’s assault weapons ban as some kind of amendment to Reid’s bill.

“Furthermore, they’ll probably break off a magazine ban and offer that as an amendment to that. Furthermore, they’ll probably take a universal gun registry and offer that as an amendment to that,” said Hammond.

“When Harry Reid says he’s dropping Feinstein from the bill, what he means is it’s not going to be in the bill which is reported to the Senate, but it will be offered on the Senate floor,” he said. “So the question we’re asking is, ‘Why in heaven’s name should anyone vote for this underlying vehicle when we’re being told in advance it’s going to be nothing but a vehicle for a gun-control buffet?'”

There are two options on the table for Reid. He can get the 60 votes he needs to start debate and control the amendment process or he can get 50 votes which would force him to allow the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY), to put forward the first amendment to the bill.

“The exercise is to trick us to voting for that motion to proceed by starting out with what he views as a noncontroversial bill,” said Hammond.

“Our message is to vote against the motion to proceed. We don’t want any gun control to come up at all,” he added.

While adding amendments would require a simple majority, it would take 60 votes to close debate. While Hammond thinks that Feinstein has less than forty supporters, he does remind Americans of what happened with politicking over Obamacare.

“Do you remember Obamacare,” he asked, ” in which Harry Reid just pushed and pushed and pushed and said, Who do I have to buy off with this bribe or that bribe? That’s what they envision for the floor consideration of this bill. And they will try to tweak and bribe and buy off as much gun control as they can manage.”

It’s time to contact your Senator and demand that they put down all of this unconstitutional legislation and perhaps support Gun Owners of America, who don’t bow to any Federal restrictions on arms.

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