Gun Owners Of America's Larry Pratt Schools CNN's Piers Morgan


The entire debate on guns really comes down to the interview you are about to view. Facts versus Emotion. The facts, the statistics, common sense; all of those things are on the side of responsible gun owners. Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt uses these facts, statistics and common sense to make his argument for a more free society with lightenly up on gun control laws and it absolutely drives CNN’s Piers Moron…sorry, Morgan absolutely, to use a British phrase, “radio rental” (or we use the term on this side of the pond “mental.”)

Larry Pratt schools Piers Morgan on the fallacy of “Gun Free Zones” and the dangers of gun control schemes.

Pratt calmly and clearly educates the CNN anchorman by explaining that in those places in America, where law abiding citizens are allowed to own and carry concealed weapons for self-defense, the murder rate is ten times lower than in “Gun Free Europe.” But Morgan demonstrates that he has been through the public education system by knowingly emotionally batting away those facts to replace them with name calling and sarcasm.

Larry heaps a bucket of cold water on Morgan’s claim that the United States has the highest murder rate of any civilized country by explaining that only in places where people like Morgan and the anti-gun crowd strip citizens of the ability to defend themselves, which then offers criminals a defenseless population to prey on, do you see violent crime and murder rates increase to match and exceed Europe’s violent crime rates.

Piers can’t be bothered with the facts, and proceeds to make a huge unprofessional ass of himself. Just as in any argument, when the person’s argument has been demonstrated to be utterly illogical, irrational and defenseless, they result to name calling and sarcasm. You guessed it, Morgan did just that.

Pratt demonstrated how we should respond to the people who get all emotional about guns. Morgan simply demonstrated the warped thinking that many in our society have when it comes to guns and gun control. Platt firmly placed the blame where it belongs when guns are used for murder and that is with the individual, who out of the evil of his heart committed the crime and the sin.

The President of GOA was clear when he said he was all in favor of arming people so that they would not become victims, rather than follow Morgan’s approach and happily make people victims to be slaughtered by evil people.

Watch and learn how to handle a gun control moron:

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