"Hands On Originals" Keeps Hands Off Homosexual T-shirts


According to Fox News’ Todd Starnes, a homosexual group has filed a human rights complaint against a Lexington, KY t-shirt company because they refused to print t-shirts for a local homosexual rights organization. The company, “Hands On Originals”, is a well known company in the region. They declined to print the shirts for the city’s Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO) because of their Christian convictions.

Well I say good for “Hands On Originals”! Matter of fact, for those in this audience who might like to have T-shirts done in the future, I suggest you give these guys a call and have them do it. Give them your support and business for standing up for their rights.

The attorney for the T-shirt printer, Jim Campbell, said that the attacks were out of line and I agree. Mr. Campbell is with the Alliance Defense Fund. He continued,

“No business owner should be forced to violate his conscience simply because someone demands it. The Constitution absolutely supports the rights of business owners to decline a request to support a message that conflicts with their deeply held convictions.”

I totally agree with him. This is the problem with the homosexual community. They say they just want to be left alone and treated as other people. Well here’s the thing, do you see “other people” printing up shirts for “Hetero-Sexual Pride”? Do you see other people making their sexual orientation how they define themselves? Do you see other people doing some of the things that the homosexual community does out in the open during their “Pride” parades? I don’t think so.

They mouth off that they don’t want government in their bedroom and yet when it comes to someone saying, “Hey I don’t agree with you, your lifestyle and your message”, they immediately want government involvement. Can you say hypocrite? I can. Hypocrites!

“Hands on Originals” will face an investigation according to Raymond Sexton, the executive director of the Human Rights Commission. Should the company be found guilty they could be subjected to fines.

While the company is facing a barrage of attacks, they seem to be as busy as ever, according to the young lady that answered the phone when I called. More than 2,000 people have joined a boycott movement on Facebook. another group is trying to buy the company’s mortgage so they can be evicted. Can you say hypocrites? Let me see if I have that last one down correctly. They are angry as Hell at the T-shirt printers for discriminating against sodomites, but they want to own their mortgage so they can evict them based on their discrimination which was on religious principles. Hello Lexington, KY? Does your law protect from religious discrimination? Apparently it doesn’t.

And to prove that, exhibit A: Lexington’s mayor is openly gay. He told the Lexington Herald-Leader, “People don’t have patience for this sort of attitude today.” No sir, people like you, don’t have patience. People like me and the majority of the country have plenty of patience for people of conscience and conviction. We aren’t panty waists like yourself (yes that was a pun).

Mayor Gray said that he fully supported the investigation. I’m sure he does. Just like all liberals he has no problem spending taxpayer dollars over something that should be painfully clear and easy without any investigation. The owner simply turned down business because of conscience and Lexington has a stupid law in place that protects sexual perverts over normal law abiding, God fearing citizens.

Gray went on to say, “I’m against discrimination, period. It’s bad for business and bad for the city.” Then Mayor Gray, if it’s bad for business then the market place will take care of people like “Hands On Originals”. As for your city, I’m guessing your open perversion is not doing anything good for the city of Lexington, at least not in my eyes. I plan on never visiting Lexington, KY as long as you are mayor and I’ll encourage those in this audience to boycott your city too.

Blaine Adamson, the managing owner of “Hands On Original” wrote in an op-ed for the Lexington Herald-Leader,

“I decided to pass on the opportunity because, as a Christian owner, I cannot in good conscience endorse groups or events that run counter to my convictions….[He] does not expect, or even ask, people to agree with my view. All I ask for people is to respect my right as an owner to not produce a product that is contrary to my principles.

Adamson called on people to stand up for the rights of small business owners not “to be forced into producing a product with a message that conflicts with their beliefs and consciences. Over the past 20 years, we have declined to produce several other products with different messages than the one at issue here because we disapproved of whatever message it was, and it never had anything to do with discrimination,” he wrote. “People reading this may disagree with my view on the current issue, but I hope they will join us in supporting our right to decline an order that promotes a view so contrary to our personal beliefs.”

I agree with Blaine and ma hopeful the community will get behind him and that his business will grow even more.

The obvious question in all of this is why would someone want to do business with someone that didn’t want your business? I’ll tell you why, all liberals are the same. It isn’t about business. It isn’t even about law. It’s about them shoving their morality on you. It’s about legislating that morality and enslaving you to it till you either go along with it or promote it.

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