CO Recall: Has The Race Card Been Played Enough Yet?


And the winner is…Colorado state Senator Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) who intones that it is democracy in America that is racist. This is due to the fact that people want to recall her over her anti-2nd Amendment bills. While just over 11,000 signatures were needed to put Giron on the recall ballot, volunteers gained well over 13,000 legitimate signatures. Without doubt, people are thinking that Giron (and a few other legislators) need ousting.

It’s the way the system in America was designed. It gives we, the people, the final say. Apparently though, Giron believes it’s racist and stated, “I know it’s partially about me being a Latina and being in this position of authority.”

Really? Interesting. Question. How did she get elected in the first place if racism is alive and well wanting to keep her out of the “position of authority”? Must have been a fluke then.

But what excuse does Sen. John Morse use then? He’s white and liberal. I guess we could go through all the signatures and pull out everyone who has a minority-sounding last name and then play that race card, couldn’t we?

The truth is that several Hispanic legislators are not under recall because they are not trying to mess with people’s 2nd Amendment rights that, according to the Constitution, shall not be infringed. “Republican Latina Clarice Navarro opposed all the gun bills. Democrat Latinos Ed Vigil and Leroy Garcia opposed the Mag Ban, and Vigil also opposed the background check bill. No recall campaigns have been initiated against any of those Hispanic politicians.”

Personally, I’m glad that people like Giron continue to use the race card. It is finally becoming obsolete because of overuse. The reality is that here in America, there is a rule of law. The people who are lining up to recall Giron and Morse are completely within the confines of that law. They are not going overboard, nor are they illegally protesting outside a legislator’s home in Kansas.

I am so sick and tired of political correctness that provides easy excuses to any minority who feels put upon by someone else. The truth is that people like Giron took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. When they fail to do that, citizens have every right to do what they can to legally remove them from office. It is simple and profound.

Leave it to someone on the left to turn it into a racist action. So Sen. Giron, why isn’t Clarice Navarro facing recall? Could it be it has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s ethnicity and everything to do with whether or not that person is intent on upholding the law?

Claiming racism simply makes you look like a moron, Sen. Giron. Maybe that alone is the best reason to recall you from office.

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