The Only Heat from Global Warming is Generated from the Ongoing Debate


As the debate over manmade global warming rages on, it is becoming clear that there is one aspect of the controversy that is definitely heating up, and that is the debate itself. Increasingly, we are seeing reports that rebut all of the claims being made by global warming alarmists, mainly in the fact that there has been no warming in seventeen years. The more these reports surface, the harder these people push to have their anti-capitalist, anti-freedom agenda implemented. They have attempted to convince the masses that the only way to prevent a climate catastrophe would be to implement Chinese style communism and population control on the planet.

They have resorted to comparing those who have denied global warming to people who claim the holocaust didn’t happen as a way to discredit them as crazy conspiracy theorists, and finally, in a supposed effort to preserve the environment they have actually called for “reduction” in the world’s population as they fear world population levels will be between 8 and 11 billion by 2050. Just how do they plan on doing this?

Great efforts are being made by the global warming alarmists, mainly global government advocates like the Obama administration and the entire United Nations, to discredit those denying their science. They are labeling dissenters as conspiracy theorists and blaming them for standing in the way of their attempts to “save humanity” from itself. Using the same propaganda type rhetoric as in other communist initiatives, global warming deniers are accused of not caring about the poor, the children, the future and stand accused of preventing “climate justice,” whatever that is. In other words they are claiming that a failure to act will lead to certain doom and the climate deniers would be the ones responsible. Therefore, they are evil fascists and for all practical purposes, it is safe to say they are attempting to “dehumanize” any who would disagree. Perhaps the deniers are the first among the populations they intend to “reduce” for our own good.

Finally, someone has claimed to have had enough and is fighting back in a big way. It isn’t just some insignificant person whose opinion doesn’t matter; he is one of the world’s top climate scientists who served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA. His name is Dr. Roy Spencer and he doesn’t take too well to being called a fascist when, in fact, it is the policies sought after by the alarmist that resemble fascism more than anything. Dr. Spencer is intent on pointing out this out to the world.

Speaking truthfully, it’s hard to understand how anyone could buy into the type of propaganda being fed by the global warming communists. It’s beyond obvious to anyone who knows anything that a reduction in the worlds CO2 levels would be more harmful to the planet than beneficial. After all, we are a carbon based life form are we not? Do the trees still not require the carbon dioxide exhaled by breathing beings in order to produce oxygen for us to inhale? If someone would stop and think about this a moment they would then realize that these claims of global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions are an attack against humanity itself because we emit carbon dioxide as living breathing things. Therein lies the problem, it seems that kids in school are spending more time watching An Inconvenient Truth and The Story of Stuff than learning about real science. The only inconvenient truth for Al Gore would be when the whole world realizes how much money he made by lying to you about “carbon foot prints.”

The fact of the matter is that those advocating restrictions on freedom to supposedly save the planet, are calling for the destruction of the very system that produces the wealth that feeds the world. Capitalism has done more to raise people out of poverty than any other economic system. Destroying a free market system where people are free to pursue the means to produce their own sustenance and grow their own wealth will not lead to a system in which poverty is reduced, but one where there is less wealth and material goods available to benefit the poor. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this, just a thoughtful analysis. Alarmists resort to calling deniers extremists and fascists, yet we call for policies that allow for the expansion of free market principles in order to allow others to lift themselves out of poverty. On the other hand, the alarmists are calling for reductions in population levels and strict controls on human behavior in order to push an agenda based on a science that at best, still remains very controversial but for all practical purposes has been refuted. Who are the real fascists? Who are the real extremists here? That’s for you to decide.

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