Here Are The Results Of Critical Race Theory


In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict very few people could argue that race relations in America are improving. In fact, those who use their brain housing groups for something other than remembering which button initiates their video character to jump can see that race relations are rapidly deteriorating. It’s difficult for many people to understand why this is the case because we see a world where people either succeed or fail based on the merits of their own efforts. The average citizen does not spend their time dividing the different ethnicities in our nation into different social groups with different social norms and rules. We certainly don’t look for reasons to institutionalize excuses why one social group may not be as successful as another social group. That, however, is exactly what is going on in our so called higher learning institutions. Liberal professors and the social sciences are going to great lengths to ensure that certain social groups continue to blame other social groups for their social ills and it is has become institutionalized through theories like “critical race theory.”

It’s funny because one of the tenets about critical race theory proposes that America uses its institutions and economic system to keep minorities oppressed. At the same time it goes on to argue that those that fail to see the consequences, or the results of America’s so called racist past on today’s blacks are themselves racist. In other words, believing that black America could have overcome the evils of colonial imperialism in a society where not one white person is guilty of slavery makes one a racist bigot. In an effort to try to give the black community a hand up, white guilt laden liberals have come up with programs of all sorts to make up for the perceived social inequalities. One such program is affirmative action. We all know what affirmative action is; however, I believe it is having dire consequences because it is reinforcing an entitlement mentality rather than actually putting blacks on an equal footing. If a man believes he does not have to try as hard to get where he wants to be than why would he? What affirmative action is actually telling the black community is that the people that devolved the program don’t believe that they are as capable of achieving success in this society as other social groups. This is evident by the different standards set for different minority groups. The standards for blacks are generally set very low in affirmative action programs. More can be read on that here.

If lowering standards have the effect of developing an entitlement mentality, and the entitlement mentality is what is leading to poverty and dependence on government welfare than wouldn’t it be the liberal social scientists and higher education that is the institutional racism that critical race theory proponents insists exists in American society today? I believe it is and I am going to call this Critical Projection Theory.

Why critical projection theory? A couple of different reasons, one it’s my way of using the Alinsky based strategy of using your opponents rules against them. In this case the word “critical” which the left uses in virtually every context they can to get young uninformed kids to think critically of their culture is being used to get people to think critically of who stands to benefit in an America where racial tensions are high. It is also meant to identify who is really responsible for these racial tensions. If you remember, I wrote an article about the origins of “critical” thinking. Developed in the Frankfurt School of Social Research it was meant to get people to think critically of their cultures in order to usher in “Cultural Marxism.” So I am suggesting people think critically about the nature of critical thinking. Secondly, I believe the word projection is very accurate as it seems those on the left are desperate to keep racial tensions alive as a right wing issue because they know in reality it is their history of racism and the failed social programs they initiated that are the true cause of the black man’s perils today.

Historically speaking it has been the democrats who have been responsible for the oppression of blacks in America. They are responsible for the Jim Crow segregation laws and the Great Society programs that have decimated the black family and left them dependent on government assistance. What many people fail to understand is that a great bait and switch was pulled on America which is what led many to believe that the democrats and republicans switched sides. President Dwight Eisenhower was the first to introduce civil rights legislation after successfully desegregating the public schools. Eisenhower was a republican. Lyndon Johnson (D), Senate majority leader under Eisenhower’s administration saw to it that this legislation failed only to bring it up as his own when he was elected president. Even then it would not have passed without the republicans votes because most of the democrats voted against it. I believe that a failure to teach young blacks in America this simple truth is part of the institutional racism being purported in “critical race theory.”

The failures of the affirmative action, entitlement mentality are reaching critical mass in America today. We live in a world where academia and bureaucratic institutions, in an effort to conceal the truth are lying to society with what I call “White Privilege Education.” I have written about this so often I don’t think I need to explain it, but just to recap. White people in America are privileged because we live in a society that only benefits us and we knowingly or not, contribute to the oppression of minorities. How could this kind of education not lead to racial tension? Essentially you have one class of people being taught, by liberal race hustlers mind you, that they are being oppressed by another class of people. According to Saul Alinsky and other radical, leftist’s revolutionaries, this is the one ingredient needed to ensure a social revolution. We are currently living in an age where our Department of Justice, in 2009 went on the record and declared, proudly I might add, that they would not pursue crimes involving civil rights violations against white people. They also made it clear that minorities would not be charged with hate crimes; the reason being of course is that minorities cannot discriminate against whites because we have the power structure of our evil, oppressive legal system in our corner. This has led to a society that acts on emotions and a world where the media can act as a social advocacy institution declaring that a poor innocent black kid was murdered by a white racist even though he wasn’t white. Our justice system proved that Zimmerman acted in self-defense but if the race baiters have their way self-defense against a black attacker will be against the law because blacks have a “civil right” to attack whites because of slavery. If what I am suggesting is so outrageous than how do you explain these perpetrators of violent crimes not being charged with hate crimes?

  • A young white lady named Shaina Perry was brutally beaten by a black mob in Milwaukee. After beating her, the group taunted and laughed at her, and one of the attackers remarked, “Oh, white girl bleeds a lot.”
  • At the Wisconsin State fair, groups of black teens numbering anywhere from 25 to 100 “were targeting anyone who was white or appeared to look white” and beating them, according to the local police chief. At least 18 people were injured, and 30 of the attackers have been arrested.
  • In Denver, couples leaving restaurants were being attacked by a group of black men with baseball bats.
  • A young white man named Carter Strange had his skull fractured by a mob in South Carolina. He was attacked while jogging.
  • A young white man named Dawid Strucinski was beaten into a coma, for no reason, by a mob in Bayonne, NJ.
  • Anna Taylor and Thomas Fitzgerald were beaten to the ground and stomped in separate Philadelphia flash mobs, each completely unprovoked.
  • “Every weekend in July”of 2011, according to local news, “police have battled large, flash-mob beatings and vandalism” in Greensboro, NC.
  • A white female liberal writer for The Onion named Emily Guendelsberger was attacked by a mob of black teens who broke her leg and beat her. She took to the internet to insist that the attack had nothing to do with race because her boyfriend is “brown” (he is Indian) and he was beaten up as well. The inference here is that a black mob isn’t racist if they attack an Indian along with white people.

If you notice, one of the reasons for assaulting a young white woman given by a gang of black youth was that they were bored and had nothing better to do. America, this is the result of liberal race baiting policies and “white privilege education.” These young kids are being lied to and then encouraged to commit these kinds of crimes by being told that the white man’s society is depriving them of their opportunities. What responsibility will the academic establishment take for teaching such blatant lies? Likely none as they are able to wash their hands clean with by saying “Correlation doesn’t mean Causation.” Any honest academician would want to take a closer look at the “Correlation” of the theories they are teaching and the effects they are having on society. Failure to do so only leads one to believe that a deliberate attempt to keep society divided and racial tensions high is underway in America today.

My intention here is not to prove that blacks commit more crimes against whites, or that blacks are more racist. My intentions are to show the real injustice being served black America as the left continues to make excuses for behavior that can be explained as being a result of misguided social policies that only hurt them instead of helped them. They have been taught that they are owed and as a result they have failed to put their best foot forward and the result has been increased poverty and a settling for low academic achievement. In the meantime the left virtually ignores the facts and continues to blame a system that they themselves despise in order to justify the continuation of failed social programs at your expense. Not only are these programs not producing any results, they are also producing people who are becoming increasingly hostile to those who simply believe they are just as capable as pulling themselves up as anyone else. All of this is based on lies to keep the votes secure, keep the welfare dollars flowing and to hide the truth of the democrat’s racist past.

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