Hillary Clinton: The Wrong Candidate For Our Nation


Hillary Clinton, though draped in scandals, rises to the top of one political party while creating a “Shadow Party”; yes, she did work with George Soros to “create” a different party that lingers in the background.

Hillary Clinton stated that she wanted to “control” the children, and that alone should raise questions, but the News Media today is in the back pocket of her very groups, keeping all of her secrets silent so she can get the presidency and ruin this nation even more than before. Hillary Clinton stated:

“I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise Children. Parents have a secondary role.”

Hillary Clinton, It Takes A Village

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This is a very chilling idea, as it is very close to what Adolph Hitler did in his time as a dictator. Hillary Clinton plans to take our children away from the parents and train them in her very radical ideas, which are much worse than Obama’s.

But some of Hillary Clinton’s other ideas seem to have been hidden by the media because, if they were exposed, they would really make her e-mail problems look like low priority in comparison.

In a recording from 1982, Hillary Clinton is discussing her defense of a child rapist when she was a defense attorney in Arkansas;

“Yeah, I got him off. So What? Who Cares? We got the evidence thrown out, so he walked. ‘laughs’ I mean, sure, we knew he did it ‘laughs’ but it didn’t matter.”

This is what she learned from her dear friend, Saul Alinsky, whom we talked about in a prior article.

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the worst individual to even be considered for President. Mos of her ideas come from her studies of Saul Alinsky and his Communist ideologies. Hillary Clinton has even stated very clearly that Democratic voters are “plain stupid.”

Hillary Clinton stated to Dick Morris in Rewriting History” in 2005:

“Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton thinks very lowly of the Democratic voters; she just carries on the Democratic ideals, which began in 1856 and continued until today.

Hillary Rodham Clinton also went after the 98+million gun owners when she stated that she wants an Australian-style gun control, which means all guns including shotguns. So if the 98 million plus gun owners sound off and vote against her, she will never be elected to office because that is just the gun owners and they have family that they influence, so those numbers should be much higher.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register on August 8, 2015 Hillary Rodham Clinton stated;

“I will get the NRA shut down for good if I become president. If we can ban handguns, we will do it.”

Not only does Hillary Clinton wish to take guns away from legal gun owners, she also wants to ignore the very Constitution that she would be sworn to uphold and protect and if she wants to ban guns from legal owners. She will be in direct violation of the Constitution!

We see and hear about how foul-mouthed Donald Trump is, but Hillary Clinton is much worse, and, in some instances, she would make a sailor blush. We see this from a brief Statement from a former Secret Service agent, one Ron Kessler, who wrote a book about her dislike for the Secret Service in his book, First Family Detail. In this book, Mr. Kessler wrote what Hillary Clinton said about the Secret Service:

“I don’t give a f*** about them. Get them out of here and get them away from me.”

How will Hillary Clinton act if she is elected president? Will she go off and tell the Secret Service to F*** off?  But wait, she lays claim to being a nice lady, yet how many nice ladies has anyone ever heard bloating out that four letter word that men seldom use around proper ladies? Yet, Hillary Clinton will yell that Donald Trump is foul mouthed? That is like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. But Hillary Clinton showed what she thinks of regular people when, as a U.S. Senator in New York, she yelled at the Secret Service while driving through upstate New York. Ron Kessler shares another quote, amongst many, in his book:

“What the hell are we doing here? There’s no money here. Get me the hell out of here.”

So she was going through a place that she was representing and she told the Secret Service to get out because there was no money there? With that statement, Hillary Clinton insulted every voter that voted for her in upstate New York, and yet they still flock to her like lost sheep on a mountain.

But Hillary Clinton has done worse—much worse—and it was with Benghazi that she really showed her lack of willingness to help Ambassador Stevens when he called for help, She ignored his requests several times; yet, when confronted with that, she comes out acting like it was his fault and not hers. She even knew that the Benghazi mistake would be covered up because her boss, Obama, was not just part of the cover up, but both had lied while standing over the brave men they allowed to die.

It was in Time Magazine in July 2014 that Hillary Clinton stated;

“The Benghazi thing will fade, the public isn’t interested.”

But it was during the Benghazi hearings that she really blasted that they had both “allowed” four brave men to be killed by Terrorists.

Benghazi Hearings October 2015.

“Maybe Mr. Stevens should have contacted me if he wanted to live, if he wanted security. He should have thought about that.”

Let that sink in a bit: she showed her total arrogance of the Benghazi incident, which she and Obama “allowed” to happen—and then had the nerve to blame it on a video that was created before the incident.

These are only 8 subjects that show Hillary Clinton should never hold office again, and she should actually be in jail. Obama’s Attorney General has all but stated that nothing about her e-mails will happen until after the election. This is what happens when the news media falls in bed with the political machines. Hillary Clinton has shown despicable ideas and words and actions that are not becoming of a candidate—much less a president. We did not mention her e-mails, as it would take up pages upon pages to show how she lied and conspired to cover up nearly everything she did.

Should Hillary Clinton win the office of president, she would wreck this nation worse than Obama has, and she has stated that she wants to continue with what Obama began: the destruction of the United States.

It is time to tell the Democrats that until they get back to representing the people RIGHTLY, they will not be elected except by a bunch of welfare and food stamp Slaves.

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