Hillary Rodham Clinton: Chronicling More of the Criminal's Background


In the previous article Hillary Rodham Clinton’s connection to the Rose Law Firm after Bill Clinton did work for Jimmy Carter was exposed. It becomes clear that Hillary and Bill used their influence to obtain jobs and positions. Given this, Hillary and Bill Clinton were not shy about obtaining positions for “favors,” even if they were done under the lamppost of a campaign or office parking lot.

What did Hillary Rodham Clinton do while working on the board of Legal Services Corporation, (LSC)? This shows how Hillary obtained chairman through a coup by her to get a higher position in that organization.

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In 1978, President Carter appointed Mrs. Clinton to the board of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a federally funded nonprofit organization that functioned primarily as a vehicle for expanding the social welfare state and broadening the mandate for social welfare spending. According to Dick Morris: “The appointment was in exchange for Bill’s support for Carter in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy. Hillary became [board] chairman in a coup in which she won a majority away from Carter’s choice to be chairman.

Under Mrs. Clinton’s leadership, LSC’s annual budget more than tripled, from $90 million to $321 million. LSC used these taxpayer funds in a variety of ways — most notably to print political training manuals showing “how community organizations and public interest groups can win political power and resources,” and to finance training programs that taught political activists how to harass their opposition.

Here, it can be readily seen that Hillary Rodham Clinton was beginning to use her power to show others how to defeat those who opposed them by harassing them. Yes, her demonic ideology is deep, and it only got worse after she got her training from her idol, Saul Alinsky and made glowing changes to his ideas that would have made Alinsky, Hitler, Stalin, and a group of Communists/Marxists/Socialists proud. We have to deal with facts that can now be found all over the web should anyone wish to look for them. Hillary Rodham Clinton did not seal her records except for the time she was in the White House, and now they are all open for everyone to see—of course, except for those incriminating emails from the Benghazi murders.

Hillary Rodham Clinton moved from here to directing the LSC to become a movement to force states and others to abide to what she felt was right, not what the Constitution or the state legislature did according to what their constituents wanted, which was looking a lot like her idol. Let’s continue with hard facts relating to this.

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During Mrs. Clinton’s years on the LSC board, the Corporation also worked to defeat a California referendum that would have cut state income taxes in half; it called for the U.S. government to give two-thirds of the state of Maine to American Indians; it paid Marxist orators and folk singers to wage a campaign against the Louisiana Wildlife Commission; it joined a Michigan initiative to recognize “Black English” as an official language; and it sought to force the New York City Transit Authority to hire former heroin addicts so as to avoid “discriminat[ing]” against “minorities” who were “handicapped.”

Here, as with other times, we see that Hillary Rodham Clinton used the power of her office to do what otherwise would not have been done. Hillary worked with the LSC to make sure that the cut to the California referendum on cutting state income taxes would be defeated. But then, as shown above, Hillary went on to ask the U.S. Government to give two-thirds of Maine to American Indians. She went on to ensure that “Marxists orators stopped the Louisiana Wildlife Commission,” she then went on to try and get “Black English” as an official Michigan language and sought to force the New York Transit Authority to hire “heroin” addicts, so as to not discriminate against their minority and handicap. Could you begin to even imagine what she would do if she was elected as President? Would she then go back and force what failed, as shown here, by executive action, upon those who don’t want that? That is more like what a Dictator/Marxist wants than a “free” nation would want!

When Ronald Reagan beat Jimmy Carter, the second worst President behind Obama, Hillary made sure that the LSC, to which Reagan would appoint another individual, was “cleaned” out so the funds would not be there for Reagan or his appointee to use for the good of the people.

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“As the 1980 presidential election drew near, and it became clear that Ronald Reagan might defeat the incumbent Jimmy Carter, LSC redirected massive amounts of its public funding into an anti-Reagan letter-writing campaign by indigent clients. After Reagan was elected in November 1980, LSC immediately laundered its assets — some $260 million — into state-level agencies and private groups so as to keep the funds away from the board that Reagan would eventually appoint. Hillary Clinton left LSC in 1981.”

Hillary did not mind jumping on board with the Communists, no matter that she now seems to be all for the United States. She will probably state that all this Communist association was way back in the 80’s and 90’s and does not influence her now, but that would be yet another huge lie told by her.

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“Bill Clinton served as Governor of Arkansas from 1978 to 1980, and again from 1982 to 1992. Thus Mrs. Clinton spent a total of twelve years as Arkansas’s First Lady. During that time, she continued her legal practice as a partner in the Rose Law Firm. In 1978 she became a board member of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), and from 1986 to 1992 she served as chair of the CDF Board.

From 1982 to 1988 Mrs. Clinton also chaired the New World Foundation (NWF), which had helped to launch CDF in 1973. During her years at NWF’s helm, the Foundation made grants to such organizations as the National Lawyers Guild, the
Institute for Policy Studies, the Christic Institute, Grassroots International, the Committees in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (which sought to foment a Communist revolution in Central America), and groups with ties to the most extreme elements of the African National Congress.”

Go look for these organizations and see what you come up with. The links to them are everywhere to be found. Many of the links of these organizations read like a who’s who of the Socialists, Communists, Marxist, and a host of other anti-United States groups—all tied to the help from Hillary for possible favors from or to them. Just think, now she wishes to be the President, on office from which she can readily just grant all these groups money at the drop of the hat with no oversight at all. Could you imagine that? Hillary granting thousands or millions to groups that wish to destroy the United States? It could happen—she has already done similar acts while being the Arkansas First Lady.

Hillary’s statement at the University of Texas should strike fear into the hearts of any freedom-loving United States Citizen. Read it and let it soak in for a while before reading the rest. (We have made the bad part in bold print and larger so you can see what she said.)

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“Commencement Address

In the spring of 1993, shortly after her husband took his oath of office, Mrs. Clinton delivered the commencement address at the University of Texas. In her speech, she stated(see article below): “We are at a stage in history in which remolding society is one of the great challenges facing all of us in the West.” 

Wait, “remolding society” “in the West”? Did Obama take this part and try to do it? Is Hillary really trying to become President so she can do what she is stating here? Hillary does not like the United States as it is, and she wants to “remold” it. Why? What for? These are questions that should be asked today, while she is beginning her campaign for President. Yes, that has to be asked of her today to see what she meant by that. She actually brought an individual into the White House to direct one Michael Lerner, a devout Marxist as her “guru.” This was so very bad, especially since Lerner had ties to a variety of Marxists groups and Hillary had to distance herself from him. Now ask this: if Hillary would be voted in as President, would she call Lerner or people like Lerner in to help her “change” the United States from a free nation into her utopia style Marxist/Socialist/Communist style nation?

Hillary and Michael Lerner (“The Politics of Meaning”)

That same year, Mrs. Clinton latched onto the phrase “the politics of meaning,” an opaque concept coined by Michael Lerner that blended radical politics with New Ageish human potentialism. She invited Lerner to the White House, briefly making him her “guru” until the ridicule, which this caused, made her retreat from the connection. (In her autobiography, Mrs. Clinton strenuously avoids any mention of Lerner, or of Lerner’s Tikkun magazine.)

Just this brief article here and we show that Hillary Rodham Clinton has more ties to and from known Marxists, Communists, and Socialists than Obama now has, and she is going to run for our President? Think about that the next time you hear her name on the Lame Stream Media—the Media that would never publish any part of what we have shown here because to do so from their level would make them a target of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In closing, “WE THE PEOPLE” should never allow this type of individual to hold any type of office. Read this and pass the link on so our nation is well-informed by these facts and not the lies and propaganda shoved down our throats by the Lame Stream Media.

The next article will address some of the associated Scandals tied to the Clintons.

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