Hillary's Hypocrisy Henchmen


“If it were not for double standards, liberals [politicians and the MSM] would have no standards at all.” – WMAL’s conservative radio personality Chris Plante

When extreme leftist klansman David Duke announced public support for a Donald Trump presidency, the MSM wrongly smeared the Republican candidate for the endorsement. Honestly, in what sane world is any candidate responsible for any nutcase who chooses to back him? If American culture consistently demonstrates anything, it’s that it takes all kinds of people freely making choices for their own reasons. That’s democracy.

Yet, this jaded presentation of information was not journalism’s objective reporting of facts, but naked partisanship based upon false innuendo. For starters, a racist, anti-suffrage klansman will never populate the party of Abraham Lincoln—Republicans then as now—that’s the Democrats’ department. Before one jumps to the erroneous conclusion that liberals aren’t “that way” anymore, which of today’s political parties bases its polarizing narratives on irrelevancies like gender identity? Which party’s candidate says: ‘elect me because I’m a woman?’ Furthermore, which party successfully counted on another superficiality–that of race–over the last eight disastrous years?

Even the educated are fooled that the Democrats “atoned” for their disgraceful pro-slavery history with the passage of Lyndon Baines Johnson‘s “holy grail”: the 1964 Civil Rights bill. However, what is always true of progressives—then with Johnson, now with Clinton—is that things below the surface of their media-spun actions don’t line up with truth. At the time, LBJ admitted privately his real agenda:

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“I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!”

Started in the 20th century and carried forward, what accompanied the good anti-discrimination statutes were invisible economic chains that have tricked generations of minorities into the barest government-supported subsistence in exchange for becoming loyal Democratic voting blocs. This dynamic is better known as the Democrat’s poverty plantation. How else does one explain 90% of Afro-Americans supporting Republicans in Lincoln’s time, but only approximately 10% more recently?

Minorities are perpetually infantilized – convinced by Democrats via their MSM creature that obtaining a free identity card is a bridge too far to cross: that such a standard applied to anyone of voting age is somehow surreptitiously racist. Yet, as anyone sensible knows, an ID is a basic, modern necessity. How else does one open a bank account, get a job, or legally drive a car? As president, only Barack Obama doesn’t need one. While he habitually golfs with millionaires—and parties with billionaires—his wholly abandoned Chicago fellows eek out impoverished lives in inner city slums more dangerous than some Middle Eastern war zones. Only the most extraordinary individuals—a select few like Dr. Ben Carson—rise from such humble beginnings to enjoy our now debt-ridden capitalistic system. If Hillary’s advocacy of Bernie Sanders‘ style socialism is the path to mass prosperity, wouldn’t brainy Mr. Carson support her?

Speaking of unhinged support for a corrupt liar, we arrive at the funny farm of colorful characters that actually do endorse this Clintonian hydra of American scandal. While the media has ensured nutter David Duke is a household name, the powers-at-be have ignored John Bachtell (“Jeopardy” champions, does that guy ring a bell for you?). Mr. Bachtell—an outspoken Hillary advocate—is the little-known chairman of the Communist Party of the United States.

Think he’s just an exception to the rule? Let’s try the better known, two-faced Seddique Mateen, a vocal Taliban supporter (read: pro-terrorism) and simultaneous lip service apologist for his jihadist, mass murdering son (the younger Mateen, Omar, slaughtered 49 innocents at the Orlando gay nightclub, Pulse). Unlike Trump, the “objective” press did not take Hillary Clinton to task for not disavowing Seddique’s clapping presence at her Kissimmee rally (ironically featuring a speech about the tragedy). For his part, obviously, the elder Mateen felt quite comfortable in Mrs. Clinton’s company. He even told a local TV affiliate: “I was invited by the Democratic Party.”

Naturally, the Clinton camp denied Seddique’s claim—much as they habitually deny every unsavory reality related to their candidate. The press has not followed up on the matter. Nor are they ever likely to. Why? For one thing, 93% of journalists self-identify as Democrats. Moreover, as with all contemporary Clinton wrongdoing, one must heavily factor money into the equation (read: Clinton Cash). Thus, the larger answer lies in the fact that, as of 2011, 6 conglomerates control 90% of the legacy media. Given all of the kid glove, fawning coverage of Hillary Clinton, what are the odds that virtually all of these corporate behemoths are not contributors to her “charitable foundation” and/or her presidential campaign?

As Charity-gate has already demonstrated, “dead broke” Hillary peddles high level government influence for an ill-gotten 238 million dollar personal fortune. Undoubtedly, the liberal media has met Mrs. Clinton’s asking price. Therefore, they have both a philosophical bias and a substantial investment in her presidency. Simply put, the fix is in. In effect, the MSM functions as the propagandist arm of the anti-JFK Democratic Party. All of the above truths are easily obscured, buried under an avalanche of 24-hour MSM spin.

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