Hitler, Big Government, and The Perfect Society


Our rights as a nation impact the entire world in which we live. If we as a nation do not stand together as ONE NATION UNDER GOD, the United States, as well as, the world will be doomed.

Hitler terrified and enraged not only a nation, but the entire world. In World War 2 the United States helped win the fight against Hitler and it’s allies (Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Rumania, Slovakia, Thailand). Helping to free those who were oppressed, tortured, murdered, and placed in concentration camps for Hitler’s (Perfect Society). Hitler was a true believer in his cause, so much so, that he brainwashed millions into believing they (Hitler’s followers) were doing what was right for the people (The perfect society).

Hitler practiced everything from illegal search & seizure, gun control, hampering freedom of religion, freedom of speech muffled, the indefinite containment of human beings (concentration camps), legalized murder, experimentation on human beings (in the name of science), and controlled what citizens were and were not allowed to read and write. The world saw Hitler for the monster that he was and the atrocities he had done to so many innocent people in the name of his agenda (the perfect society).

Now our government of the United States is putting the same ideals into a different language and making it law. We’re accepting it because they are telling us “It is for the greater good of the people”. I believe Hitler said the same thing.

There is truth in the saying “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Why did the United States get involved in World War 2? It was because we as a nation realized if we didn’t get involved Hitler, along with his allies would continue to spread hatred and fear until they dominated and controlled the entire world in which we live. This form of thinking and aggression was (and is) against everything the United States stood/stands for as a nation. The United States has always tried to lead by example (showing that humanity, and freedom should be everyone’s birthright). We have helped to free the oppressed in many countries. Our military men and women have bled, died, and sacrificed their mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters to help free others from tyranny, oppression, and genocide.

Now we face the reality that our government is doing the exact same thing Hitler did, putting it into a different language to make it seem alright. The federal government has made illegal search and seizure legal, muffled freedom of speech, infringed on the right to bear arms, legalized containment camps, and holding persons indefinitely without a trial, Habeas Corpus, Who’s security I ask? They (the government) claim it is for the security of our nation, when in fact it is for the security of big government.

As big government regulates the United States to death using the excuse “it’s for the common good of our nation”. So many Americans accept this lie as truth. They have been tricked into believing that the government wouldn’t lie to them and that they are here to protect us. All the while many Americans are being tricked into handing over their God given birth right of their Constitutional freedoms to another form of Hitler (Big Government).

If you do not believe the government already has a hand in everything we do, stop and think about how many of our freedoms have already been infringed upon. The government (in some places) tells us if we can or can’t smoke in our own homes. California no longer allows plastic bags to be used in grocery stores. In some places it is illegal to put candy bars in schools. Curfews have been imposed telling us when we can’t be out of our homes. Government tells us what kind of animals we can or cannot own and if we can burn trash in our own back yards or not. They dictate to us how we can or cannot discipline our children. They say what we can and can not use on our own vehicles (emissions, window tinting, how high you can jack up your truck). Government tells us where we are and are not allowed to carry our guns. They determine permission to build on our own property (building permits). Now, even our military men/women’s right to vote is being challenged by Obama.

So how do we as a nation change this spiral downfall in a peaceful manner? How do we prove our point without violence? Reality is, that we as a nation can make a difference in a momentous way. Peacefully and without bloodshed. Big government doesn’t want you to believe there is anything we can do. How many times have we heard “There’s nothing we can do about it, they are going to do what they want and we cannot change it”? We as a nation have heard this statement so often that we’ve been duped into believing that lie. The more we believe the lie, the less resistance they will encounter. Big government doesn’t want to have to deal with the resistance of the American people, because they fact is we would win.

Our government is run on checks and balances. We (citizens) pay the United States President, Congress, Senate, Supreme Court Justices, Police Officers, Judges, etc… with the taxes we pay. They work for us, not the other way around. We civilians are the employer. If an employer doesn’t like the work of an employee then the employee is simply fired. We can do the same with our government and hold them accountable to us.

If we as American citizens were to bind together and not go to work for just ONE day in protest, we would be able to show the government without us they can not run. Why? Because it is us, the little people, with our blood, sweat, and tears that make this nation run each and every day. Picture it: If everyone agreed on a day of protest and stayed home from work, our government would have a huge wake up call. With no workers, nothing would run. There would be no gas station attendants, no bankers, no taxis, no flights, no deliveries, no fast food, etc… With no sales, no money goes to the government, no taxes are paid, etc…

Some people may say that wouldn’t make a difference. However, lets look at statistics and crunch some numbers. According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau there are 311,591,917 (as of July 2011) people currently living in the United States. Let’s pretend that the government only takes one dollar in taxes from our check each day. If you multiply the number of people by just one dollar, that equals up to $311,591,917.00. That would stop $311,591,917.00 from going to the government in just one day! ** I know this includes unemployed citizens and children; however, that is also why I used the $1.00 theory. We all know much more taxes are taken from our paychecks daily. The $1.00 theory is simply to show how much of an impact we could have as a nation if we stand together. **

When UPS went on strike they almost shut down the nation. When the airlines went on strike, the President of the United States had to get involved because it was shutting down the nation as well as other parts of the world. When our truck drivers went on strike, they almost closed down the nation, because they are the ones that deliver our goods, food, supplies, etc… See the pattern? This is the affect that just three major companies had on a nation. Can you imagine what would happen if we all united together as one and went on strike for just one day? or even a week? How much of an impact would we have? Tremendous!

This is a peaceful way to protest, and if done correctly it would make the government not only listen; but, also realize just whom is in charge of this great nation that we so love. It is us the American people! We not the government are the backbone of this great nation. It is about time we as Americans stand up and show not only our government but the entire world we shall not give up our rights. We will not be tread on by a tyrannical government! We will not waiver in our beliefs! We stand by our Constitution. Our colors (red, white, and blue) will never run from our enemy whether foreign or domestic.

Many people from all over the world are calling out to the United States for help. They are asking us to help free them from the tyranny of their oppressing governments. In order for us to do just that we must first start here at home. How can we fight for their freedoms, when we have given our freedoms away so blatantly? How can we fight for them to have the freedoms we no longer have?

We indeed are living in interesting times. We live in a time which will inevitably be a huge mark in history. Not only in that of our nation, but our world as well. We as a nation, a people, and as individuals must stand in the face of the adversity to overcome the tyranny that faces us today. If we do not, then just as Rome fell, so shall we!

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