Homofascism and the ‘Death’ of Right and Wrong


Last weekend, MassResistance reported that the Mayor of Boston and other state and local politicians gave a circus of a press conference in support of pending, draconian legislation in Massachusetts that would mandate all intimate, sex-segregated public facilities like restrooms and locker rooms be open to anyone, based on what he imagines or pretends his sex to be.  The Mayor also flew a “transgender” flag over Boston City Hall.

In Alabama, the homofascists are viciously attacking Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, the “Ten Commandments Judge,” who has been one of the few men in authority in the Unites States who is standing against the unconstitutional behavior of the U.S. Supreme Court.  He has refused to meekly submit to the Court’s lawless Obergefell decision and is now facing possible removal from his position because of it.

In Mississippi, the ACLU hounds of Hell and the “Campaign for Southern Equality” are suing the state over its new religious freedom protection law, which they falsely label as an “anti-LGBT” law.  I have already debunked the lies that homofascists and their dupe supporters are telling about such laws.

And, of course we’ve heard ad nauseam the screeching and wailing against North Carolina’s sensible law preventing people from using private facilities meant for the opposite sex.

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These are just a few of the many examples of the militant homosexual/“transgender,” homofascist, assault on what’s right and true.  Some may wonder how in the world this movement has been so successful in recent years.  The most obvious reason is the corruption and self-deception that have crept into the hearts of the American people on a scale not seen before in the United States.  With the broad rejection of the God of all creation and His unfailing Word comes deep deception among the people who reject Him.  That’s a given.

When people reject the Lord and put man’s whim in His place, the unchangeable definitions of right and wrong are effectively abolished.  Paul warns us in 2 Timothy chapter 4 that there will come a time when people will not endure sound doctrine, which means truth.  When people reject truth, and instead claim that truth is whatever any given person believes it is, then we can no longer effectively point to the transcendent plumb line of God’s Word—the source of all truth—to persuade people of what’s right and wrong.

This is where we are today, and it’s largely why the sinister, militant homosexual/“transgender movement is steamrolling across our nation.  When we tell the truth about this movement, far too many people are willingly deceived into rejecting what we say.

For all practical purposes, we are witnessing the “death” of right and wrong, but don’t misunderstand me.  Right and wrong have never changed, and they never will.  Our popular culture, our laws and institutions, our rulers and many people—even the whole world—can deny what’s right and wrong till they’re blue in the face, but their denials will change nothing.  God’s Word, His truth, remains unmoved.

The truth about this virulently anti-Christian, sexual anarchy movement is simple.  It’s a movement based on aggressive rebellion against God and His natural order.  It’s a movement whose members are “useful idiot” tools of satanic forces that seek to crush Christianity and Christian freedom, to abolish even a hint of Jesus in the public square.  Yes, that’s the heart, the demonic essence, of this thing.  It represents Godless tyranny.

The truth, which has never changed and never will, is that homosexual behavior is a vile corruption of our human design.  It’s a gross affront to God, to whom we’re all accountable, whether we like to admit it or not.  It’s an immoral, self-destructive, dangerous, unnatural behavior.  It is sin.

The truth is that marriage is, and has always been, one thing only:  the union of a man and a woman.  Two men or two women can never, ever make a marriage union.  The most they can do is make a perverse mockery of marriage, which will never be the real deal, and no amount of demented laws will change this fact.

The truth is that we are each made male or female.  Period.  End of story.  A man who wishes/believes/imagines/pretends he is a woman (and the reverse) is a man with mental and spiritual problems.  He needs help aligning his mind with reality, not encouragement to remain wedded to his delusion.

The truth is that a man can never, ever be a woman, no matter how desperately he attempts to imitate the appearance of a woman; no matter what kind of hormone cocktails he takes; no matter what kind of surgical mutilations he undergoes.  He remains a man, albeit a mentally sick man with a grotesque appearance.

The truth is that this is not about “civil rights” or “discrimination.”  Degenerate sexual behavior is not a “civil right,” nor is it an example of “unfair” treatment when people refuse to give perverts affirmation in their sick behavior.  It’s quite right to discriminate between men and women and to prevent men from being in private, sex-segregated facilities with women.

This is one of the deceptions that has taken in far too many people today.  The sexual degeneracy movement has illegitimately linked itself to the true civil rights movement, but it’s a false link.  There is no relationship between sin and ethnicity.  None.  There are no civil rights being denied to homosexuals or mentally ill people who deludedly think they’re the opposite sex.  They have all the same rights as everyone else.

Just yesterday, we could simply say that this is wrong and we’re not having any of it, but today far too many people are unable (or unwilling) to see that it’s wrong.  Yesterday, we wouldn’t have to point out to anyone that there’s no such thing as “transgenderism” or same-sex “marriage, because these things were rightly understood to be so.  Yesterday, no one would think twice about a baker saying NO to creating a “wedding” cake for two men.  Yesterday, no one would dictate “non-discrimination” laws to punish those opposed to affirming or even “celebrating” the indefensible, infamous crime against nature.

Today, insanity reigns.  Today, we are witnessing a ramping up of the war against God and His people (an age-old war), which is also a war against freedom, morality, sanity, reason, knowledge, wisdom, reality, truth, the family, marriage and the very meaning of male and female.  But, as Christians, we know how this ends.  We know that Jesus has already won the war.  And, while they can certainly be a royal pain in the neck, our earthly enemies are not the true enemy.  But, dark days are ahead.

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