After House Fire Killed 2 Kids, Aunt more Worried about Food Stamps


The following video was originally published in 2009. Two small children perished in a Memphis, Tennessee house fire at that time after their mother and aunt left them at home. The children were 2 and 3 years old. While the bodies were recovered and many in the video are emotionally distraught, it is the aunt who seems the most callous, never regretting leaving the children alone, but only concerned about her purse and her food stamps.

Welcome to Barack Obama’s America!

Though neighbors attempted to rescue the children from the fire, the flames and smoke were too intense.

Now think about that for just a moment. Here are neighbors, not even flesh and blood, that are more concerned for the lives of these children than their own aunt.

As the video nears its end, the aunt says in answer to question of whether she regretted leaving the children home alone, “Nope, I really don’t because if they hadn’t of been there by theirself, I don’t know how the house caught on fire. I don’t know if the boys caught it on fire or somebody throwed something in there and set it on fire.”

Well now, isn’t that the point of adults being at home with 2 and 3 year olds? With limited information, I was curious to see if the woman or the mother were held for child endangerment and possibly even involuntary manslaughter.

Her final comments had to have been a shock to the reporter as they are to me. “I really need to get in there and see if my purse burned up (laughter), cause I had my food stamp card and everything in there.”

According to Hot107.9, relatives eventually located the aunt’s purse and found the food stamp Electronic Balance Transfer (EBT) Card, which seemed to be of more concern to this woman their her two dead nephews.

If you are wondering why this is now on Freedom Outpost, well, it seems the video is going viral again and it does make me wonder just how many are more concerned with their government handouts than they are their own families or communities. What do you think?

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