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Last night on CBS 60 Minutes I watched the Queen of Hypocrisy showing her soiled petticoats to the world; one more time.  Most of us are familiar with Frau Feinstein to some degree.
She is one of King Obama’s favorite torch carriers and one of the most powerful Liberal-rats in Washington serving as Chairman of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

I am second generation military intelligence and have heard the innumerable variations on the “military intelligence / oxymoron” jokes all my life. Since Frau Feinstein is not “military” perhaps just the term “moron” applies?Frau Feinstein has made many the fine and eloquent argument in support of government intrusion into the private lives of innocent American citizens in the name of national security. The lack of supporting facts does not seem to be an issue.

Recently there was a group demonstrating their opposition to government spying on its citizens. According to Frau Feinstein, she went to her window to sneer down upon the peons chattering below. And…Surprise! As she opened the blinds, according to Frau Feinstein, she came face to face with a small drone hovering directly outside her window! 

According to the folks below, what she actually saw was a small radio controlled toy helicopter that can be purchased at any shopping mall.Frau Feinstein’s immediate response was to launch into an incoherent diatribe about the obvious need for massive new legislation to control the proliferation of drones. Laws to control who can own them, laws to define who can use them, laws to specify what drones can be used for, privacy laws, and laws about laws to manage all those new laws.  Of course, we can expect yet another MASSIVE government agency to be spawned to manage and enforce all those new laws.

As of this morning, a simple web search of “how to build a drone” returned “About 1,199,351 results (0.25 seconds). I guess the search engine got tired.

Besides the obvious absurdity of Frau Feinstein thinking that she and her entire Gestapo force can legislate and regulate this technology, the hypocrisy of her and her 534 fellow elitists in Washington continuing to pass laws that specifically exempt themselves is offensive and the antithesis of what our country was all about at its beginning.It is time to retire this senile old bat and all of her cronies as well.

The concept of “…of the people, by the people, and for the people” has long been lost in the modern day toilet politic that is constantly swirling with the deal making among the elitists and where the welfare and strength of this nation no longer have a place.

Thomas Jefferson’s admonition about the Tree of Liberty is ever rising in the minds of American Patriots everywhere.

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