If It’s Hillary or Bust, Dems Will Choose Bust


Can you feel it? Can you feel the disturbance in the force – the dark side? Yes, the Democrat party is beginning to descend into panic mode. Oh sure, like in the antiperspirant ads, they’re not going to allow us to see them sweat, but the Democrat kingmakers have to be closing in on desperation.

They are running out of time, and, as has been said, they have no bench – no one to go to if Hillary falters. From the beginning, it was apparently Hillary Clinton or bust.

Now those on both sides have concluded that Hillary will probably not make it to the finish line. And to this, I say, welcome aboard. Not to toot my own horn, but regular readers know I have been predicting the inevitable downfall of Clinton almost from day one.

It’s taken some time and a lot of scandal, and she still may weather this, but I’ll stand by my original assessment and say that she will not be the Democrat candidate.

See, Hillary now has two problems. Originally, it was that she is almost universally disliked. She is the polar opposite of Bill, her husband, whom everyone knows is a bag of dirt but who is still inexplicably likable. No one likes Hillary. Sure, she has her loyal supporters and backers, but that doesn’t mean they like her.    

Still, the Dems stuck with her because they had no one else. Now, to add to her unlikability, people are discovering she’s also a liar and a crook. Those of us in the know have always known this, but it’s never been broadcasted on the evening news.

So what do the Democrats do? Well, they have Bernie Sanders, the 900-year-old socialist curmudgeon. But that won’t do. They simply cannot back him. And why?

See, Sanders is a true share-the-wealth socialist—not just your run-of-the-mill Democrat statist. The dirty little secret that the low-information crowd doesn’t realize—and that Democrats have gone to great pains to make sure they don’t—is that those evil Wall Street tycoons they always complain about are almost exclusively Democrats.

They are the real money and power behind Washington. This has always been their dirty little secret. In order for Wall Street to continue its influence over the Democrat party, they need someone at the top who will continue to “play ball.” Bill Clinton did it—Obama has mastered it.

Wall Street needs to back a disingenuous sellout who will say they are for the little guy but stab them in the back with backroom deals for big-money donors, and Sanders, I’m sure they fear, will not be that guy. He will not “play ball.”

So this leaves them with a rather pitiful bench. There’s Martin O’Malley, which isn’t going to happen. Then there’s Elizabeth Warren, which also won’t happen. Then there’s old Uncle Joe Biden, whom the conventional wisdom wizards of smart say is a probability. But Biden is a complete dope and a gaffe machine, and they know this. They can’t back Biden and win.

Then there’s Al Gore, who is said to be mulling over the possibility of getting in. Again, in my opinion, I don’t believe he will. If he doesn’t see it as a sure thing to win the presidency, I think he will pass. He’s making too many gazillions of dollars fleecing the public worldwide with his global warming nonsense.

So there’s one name I haven’t heard and maybe never will—Michelle Obama. Yep, you read that right. Let’s just think about this for a second: she’s at least as radical as her husband; she’s the only one who would reliably continue her husband’s legacy of destruction; she will have no problem selling out the country, just as her husband did; and she’s black and a woman, and would have the entire Obama team already set up to support her.

How is any run-of-the-mill Republican going to attack her?

Yes, I know it probably won’t happen—and if it did, it would be the final nail in the American coffin; but hey, who else do they have? Maybe Jeb—or Trump?

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