Immigration Agents File Suit Against Obama


Since Barack Obama established a new immigration policy and has disregarded the law, it has brought great concern to not only the citizens of this country, but also to the federal agents charged with the duty of enforcing immigration laws. As such agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department have brought a lawsuit against the current administration.

According to reports

“Ten employees at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are suing the Obama administration to block a new program to let many young illegal immigrants avoid deportation and get a work permit.”

The suit claims that directives from The Department of Homeland Security as well as DHS secretary, Janet Napolitano, are forcing agents to break the law. The suit says the mandate “unconstitutionally usurps and encroaches upon the legislative powers of Congress.”

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Kris Kobach, Kansas secretary of state and an immigration adviser to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, equated the move to give thousands of illegal immigrants a reprieve to the failed Fast and Furious gun-walking operation.

“In both instances, the Obama administration ordered federal law enforcement agents to break the law, to ignore the laws that they’re supposed to enforce, and, in the case of the ICE agents, to actually break federal laws that say you’re supposed to deport certain people,” he told Fox News.”And in each case, the Obama administration seems to be doing so for political reasons.”

One can’t help but wonder if this is going to go anywhere. The Obama administration has done very well in the past of side winding the court system, as well as the people. I am glad to hear that people are standing up to President Obama and holding him responsible for breaking the laws of this land. However, I will not hold my breath waiting for him to appear in court. It is well known, Mr. Obama still hasn’t proven the legitimacy of his birth certificate, and the Supreme Court has ruled that the appeal will not be heard.

Although I do not agree with the way that Obama allowed illegal’s to become legal, I also believe that Mexicans are not our enemy. They were our allies in WW2. There are many good Mexican people wanting to come to America for the same reason our forefathers did. To be freed from the oppression of their government, the cartels, and the pursuit of happiness.

I think something should be done, perhaps that makes it easier for the good, law abiding citizens of Mexico to be able to come to America, and become American citizens if they so choose. The U.S. government makes it very hard financially for the Mexican people to come to America legally. The cost, the last time I checked, was $1500.00 just to apply for visa here in the United States.

The problem is many people think all Mexican’s are criminals. This stems from all the stories we constantly hear from main stream media. They gladly tell us of the cartels, drugs, guns, and the illegal people flowing into our country from Mexico. But how many good reports do we hear about the hardworking, overburdened, oppressed, law abiding citizens of Mexico? Truth is the law abiding citizens of Mexico don’t cross the border illegally, so we don’t hear about them. We as Americans tend to have a biased mind set of the Mexican people, because all we hear about them is the bad. Main stream media never tell stories of legal Mexican people who have done good things in our nation. It is biased media just as much as the Anti-gun media, pushing for gun control with no reports on the good uses of guns.

I do believe we need to do something that will help our neighbors, to cross the border legally. However, I also believe the protection of our boarders is imperative. Why? Because the people crossing the border illegally are already criminals. Which in turn, gives Americans a bad image of who the Mexican people really are.

I am thankful that these Immigration Agents have filed a Suit against Obama for violations of the law. I am anxious to see what happens in this new turn of events.

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