Inherited Freedom


I have been contemplating for several months why 60% of the people don’t seem to care about the state of the nation. About 39% care some but do nothing, I ask myself why? I believe it must be that our freedom and liberty was inherited. Less than 1% of us have fought for our country.

What politicians are doing to our country will certainly end in its demise. If you want to see how it ends, look no further than California. You can only tax, regulate, legislate, fine, fee, permit, code and rule people and businesses so much. They will eventually leave and seek work, business friendly (American dream) and more freedoms in friendlier states such as Texas. The owner of Subway stated just the other day that with the laws and regulations these days there’s no way he could have started his business today.

What will it take before people take note and pay attention to what’s happening to our country and how the politicians are ruining our great nation? By the time they do will it be too late?

I can already see a huge decline in the American way of life. The children of the 40’s and 50’s lived in the height of America. They lived the American dream and inherited their parents homes and fortunes. Today their kids are having to live very tight and even at home with their parents. Their parents reverse mortgage their homes and put their Obama|Biden sticker on their Subaru. They sit around and watch the nightly NBC news confused and dazed. The Woodstock generation has come back to hammer the younger generations!

Exhibit A: Barack Obama

~ He lied and managed to cover up Benghazi and as a result stole an election.

~ The Senate has not passed a budget in four years, that is their main purpose.

~ Buy your way into the White House and quarterly meetings for $500,000.00

~ Can not cut 2% of our budget while we are 15 Trillion in debt.

~ Sends Muslim Brotherhood Billions of dollars, Fighter Jets and 200 Tanks

~ Kills American Citizens with no due process or trial.

~ Orders Drones to fly over United States

~ Uses Warrant less Wiretaps and Internet databases

~ Blatantly goes after law abiding citizens 2nd Amendment rights

~ Disarming Veterans with PTSD or TBI

~ States are having to pass legislation to protect its citizenry from the Federal Government!

~ All fifty states are actively forming and organizing citizen militias.

~ County Sheriffs are telling their State officials that they took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Therefore they can not with good conscience enforce these unconstitutional laws!

~ The Department of Homeland Security orders enough ammunition for a 24 year war.

~ Citizens are not able to buy Ammunition for three months and counting.

~ Obama uses Executive Order to bypass law makers

~ Obama uses violates Constitution by making Recess Appointments with no Recess

~ Obama Super PAC raises Millions to go after Guns and pro-gun law makers.

~ Obama makes Citizens of the United States of America answerable to the United Nations (Agenda 21)

I could go on but my article would be too long to read. Talk to your friends and family and start waking people up. Before too long there won’t be a country left worth fighting for!

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