IRS Helped Unions With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Taxpayer Dollars


If the IRS targeting of conservative organizations and tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status or refunding of $46 million to “unauthorized” aliens and the IRS lavish spending on so-called “conferences” did not make Americans angry, the fact that it is being reported that IRS employees spent thousands of man hours devoted to union activity, courtesy of the American taxpayer, should.

According to the Daily Caller, IRS principal deputy commissioner Daniel Werfel wrote in a response letter to Ways and Means Subcommittee Chairman Charles Boustany that “in fiscal year 2012, IRS employees used 537, 319 hours for union activities.” For the current year through June 2013, union activities consumed another 399, 772 hours. These numbers constitute 23, 888 days in fiscal year 2012 and 16, 657 days to date this year in tax-payer funded wages of approximately $16 million the IRS used exclusively for union activities.

The Daily Caller reported:

Werfel further explained in his letter to Boustany that the IRS spent $687,400 on travel expenses for union activity in FY 2012. In FY 2013 through June 2013, the IRS spent $437, 548 on union travel.

In April, Boustany sent a letter requesting detailed information about IRS employees spending official time on union training and activities. Werfel’s letter this week constituted a response to his original missive.

“It is ridiculous that the IRS can come before Congress and request an additional $1 billion while dedicating millions of taxpayer dollars on union related activities,” Boustany said in a statement regarding the findings. “Until the IRS shows it is using its budget to better serve taxpayers, it should not come to Congress asking for more money.”

In June, the Daily Caller reported that an Americans for Limited Government Freedom of Information Act revealed that 201 IRS employees work full-time on union activities.

According to the Office of Personnel Management, in 2011 – the most recent year for which data is available – bargaining employees at all federal government agencies spending a total of 3,395, 187 hours on union work, at a cost of approximately $155 million.

This continued waste of taxpayer dollars by the IRS does not include the “bonuses” the IRS had to pay out to employees because of a union agreement. In a few months, the IRS is slotted to take management control of the atrocious Affordable Care Act or the dreaded Obamacare. With findings of this nature surfacing and the continued investigation into targeting certain groups applying for tax-exempt status, this agency has clearly demonstrated they are incapable of managing their current activities much less the task of managing a health care payer system; an unconstitutional one at that.

The IRS has inadvertently released confidential taxpayer Social Security Numbers, illegally confiscated and seized health records from a facility in California and thumbed their nose at the American taxpayer. This agency would be hard pressed to claim it would be able to adequately secure any individual’s personal health information. However, this agency is the perfect choice to mandate fines and punishments for those who refuse to comply with an unconstitutional law. With its current scandalous activities, one can be assured the agency would abuse any oversight authority against the American public.

Democrats have claimed the federal budget cannot be trimmed further. According to this recent information, the budget can be trimmed by $155 million as federal employees should not be allowed to engage in union activities courtesy of the taxpayer dollar. No government agency should be allowed to retain full-time taxpayer funded employees for strictly union activities. There appears to be plenty of “fat” to trim from government in my book.

Congress should not grant the IRS request for additional funding until the investigation is completed regarding the numerous IRS scandals. As far as Obamacare is concerned, that piece of legislation should be burned, thrown out or repealed. If Congress cannot do that, Obamacare should not be funded for implementation because giving the IRS any additional funds is opening the door for continued abuse without full accountability.

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