Is Sally Kohn Really a Muslim Man?


Of all the hair-brained maneuvers out there, one has to think that defending the 1400 year-old death cult of Islam while said death cult is in the midst of a genocidal war in the Middle East and a new invasion of Europe (they’ve done this before) must be near the top of the list. I mean, how could one possibly believe that in so doing, a person would positively impact their credibility or others’ perception of their intellect?

Radical media operative Sally Kohn’s Twitter feed is practically a shrine to dhimmitude (the non-Muslim’s submission to Islam). We’re talking reams of tweets rationalizing, denying, and defending with regard to Islam and the actions of Muslims.

Their 1400-year history of an inability to play nice with anyone? Doesn’t matter. The established doctrine that allows Muslims to lie with regard to their intentions if it furthers Islam (taqiyya)? Doesn’t matter. The high probability that 20 randomly-chosen Muslim men from anywhere in the world would attempt to “reform” Sally of her lesbianism via gang rape prior to beheading her rather than sitting down for tea? Doesn’t matter.

If we violate our core values and refuse to show kindness to refugees, anger and desperation drives them to ISIS.

— Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) November 16, 2015

Given Kohn’s dizzying display of illogic, we can only come to one conclusion. Kohn is either:

  1. a shambling, incontinent, booger-picking moron or,
  2. a Muslim man

Then we have this other blithering liberal idiot, CNN’s Elise Labott, who was just suspended for two weeks after tweeting her opinion on the House of Representative vote to tighten the screening process for Syrian refugees. Labott wrote that the Statue of Liberty “bowed her head in anguish” after a bi-partisan measure to screen out terrorists from Syrian refugees entering the U.S. passed the House of Representatives. While Labott might not be able to pass for a Muslim man, this mindless piece of work is so arrogant that she didn’t even consider her incomprehensibly stupid remark might compromise her credibility as a journalist or embarrass her employer.

House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish @CNNPolitics — Elise Labott (@eliselabottcnn) November 19, 2015

And speaking of that House vote to tighten the screening process for Syrian refugees (which Bath House Barry Obama said he would veto if it got to his desk, by the way): That legislation passed 289-137 – which gives us a list of 137 members of Congress who should be stripped of their citizenship and exiled to Syria, because in opposing measures to even try to detect jihadis among Muslim refugees, they have proven that they are either:

  1. Too stupid to comprehend that this will result in stealth jihadis entering the U.S. and killing people, which Bath House Barry Obama obviously wants to occur.
  2. OK with stealth jihadis entering the U.S. and killing people because America’s evil and we deserve it.
  3. Simply incapable of resisting liberal peer pressure.
  4. Too bloody stoned to care.

In any case, exiling these liabilities to Syria will at least ameliorate the danger posed by allowing them to remain here. We might consider sending Sally Kohn and Elise Labott with them; either they’d learn a sharp lesson, or wind up cultivating a beautiful friendship.


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