Is This Obamacare Consequence Intended Or Unintended?


I’ll tell you up front that it is my belief that the Affordable Care Act, which we refer to as Obamacare, has intended consequences. I say this because of the history and ideology of Barack Obama and many of the Democrats in power in Washington, D.C. However, I leave it up to the reader to determine for themselves if they believe this is intended or unintended. Windber Medical Center, just 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh will stop delivering babies after March 31 of this year. The reason? The new federal health care reform.

The big announcement came on Tuesday as the board of trustees said it will be closing the obstetrician wing of the hospital at the end of March. Hospital officials’ decision was based on their belief that they can’t afford to continue the obstetrician program because of obstetricians either leaving or refocusing their practices and the hospital can’t afford it based on their projected reimbursements nuder Obamacare.

WJACTV reports,

The hospital said two of its doctors are leaving and two others have asked to shift the focus of their practice.

“Faced with having to replace four obstetricians, the board considered all of their strategic action and concluded they wanted to focus on the gynecological care further and to not offer obstetrician services,” said Barbara Cliff, president and CEO of Windber Medical Center.

Obstetrician services will be provided through March, but those expecting after April 1 will be forced to find care elsewhere.

“Their obstetrician is working very closely with them to transition their care to another provider in another hospital,” said Cliff.

While Ms. Cliff did state that this part of the hospital will be closing, they will be expecting to increase other services for women’s health care.

“We do have open positions within the hospital that we will hope to be able to transfer some of those staff into,” said Cliff. “We are (also) working with other hospitals should there be an interest of someone transferring to another hospital.”

Those women expecting children in that area after March 31 should seek alternative hospitals, like the one in Johnstown (Memorial Medical Center), or do what our family does and skip the entire hospital experience and get a midwife and have your baby at home. In my opinion, it is cheaper and better for both mother and child.

Don’t think this is an isolated issue with reference to Obamacare though. There is no doubt that over the next couple of years, unless this monstrosity is repealed, that we will see doctors leaving the practice, nurses leaving as well, and the health care system in general begin to go down the tubes because of all the Federal regulations and mandates. Perhaps Obama doesn’t care about the people in this small Pennsylvania town. After all they are those that Obama spoke about as being “bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

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