Is Veteran Chris Keniston the Man Who Should be President?


Chris Keniston, the Presidential Candidate no one has heard of, from a party no one has heard of, in a country that needs to not only HEAR, but also LISTEN.

His message is simple. Follow the Constitution. Stay grounded in the center.

The man himself, however, is anything and everything but simple.

Let’s start from the beginning, The Veterans’ Party of America was started in 2013.

The Veterans’ Party Of America was formed when Congress chose to balance the budget by reducing the cost of living allowance for military retirees, including those medically retired after sustaining injuries during combat with the enemy. Our founders were discussing the budget that cut these benefits in a Facebook Army Tanker Group. That day, The Veterans’ Party Of America was formed. The founders started the National Party and their respective states of California and Florida. It was expected that a couple hundred people would be interested at the end of the first month.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled article, for a brief announcement brought to you by this author’s real life.

I promised that the first part of this article would be published Sunday evening, September 27, 2015, obviously that did not happen. Any of you who follow me, know that I have dealing with a life or death crisis with my Father, but he has made it out of the woods, so to speak and we are facing the uphill battle of relearning how to do everything in life, including walk. He has been transferred to a third hospital. Every hand sanitizer dispenser I walk by, I stick my hand under and a generous dollop of goo automatically drops. So, I should be protected, right? Wrong! My physical demon is my teeth. I undergo any stress and one, or in this case, two of them are going to become a problem, they sheared off at gum level (mostly) taking crown, tooth, and root canal posts with them. Now they have shredded my tongue and abscessed. So, like the genius that I am, I ignored them. Now, I am running a fever, my lungs are filled with infection and I had to call the potential PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and tell him this article was going to be late.

Respectfully, it would be a miracle if he became President in 2016, but I still believe in miracles and I believe if it is God’s Will, it will come to pass…teeth be damned! Fever already makes your brain take weird trips, but this time it was reality that completely tripped me out. Chris Keniston could have had any number of professional responses to this situation. He COULD have told me that he was rescinding the rights of the interview and that some other, more worthy journalist, would cover it, thank you and good-bye. He COULD have said, forget it and then hung up. He COULD have said any number of insulting, awkward, and potentially career killing things to me.

What happened, is he said, “You sound awful!” He has a quiet, southern voice, very masculine, but soothing. I expected to be rebuked as incompetent. He said, “Abscessed teeth are horrible, I had one for four months when I was in Africa…” I lost the entire conversation after the word Africa. My mind screamed “DUDE, FOUR MONTHS!” Here I am dying the death of a weenie! I have only been dealing with this a couple of weeks. Then my heart broke for him, he suffered for four months, in a strange land, and the military did nothing to solve the problem.

No wonder he is running for President for the Veterans’ Party of America. I know that a conversation took place somewhere between “AFRICA” and “Brandi, get some rest.” But I could not tell you what it was. All I know, is normally when a man makes me cry, his life is in serious, mortal danger, not this time. I hung up my phone and a few tears were running down my hot, swollen cheeks. A candidate for the position as Leader of the Free World...folks…this ain’t Hillary, or Jeb, or THE Donald. This is Chris Keniston, Christian, veteran, husband and father and all around decent human being. My mouth is one huge, throbbing, pit of hell, I cannot breathe without coughing and the man who should be President of the United States of America just humbled me to the core of my being.

Now back to our regularly scheduled articles, this brief interruption brought to you by a weenie, wannabe journalist…

This is an FEC (Federal Election Commission) registered political party and candidates. Not surprisingly, there has been complete and total mainstream media blackout. This is the epitome of a “grassroots movement”, but what separates the party and the candidates from other “grassroots movements”, like the Tea Party, is that they are trying to change the entire system from the outside inward. They recognize that the two party system is broken, was doomed to fail from the beginning. They do NOT want to divide the country, they want to UNITE the country. Every American voter who has voted for the “lesser of the two evils” already understands the intrinsic flaw of the two party system. Go to their website, explore what they believe. I do not promise that they are THE ANSWER, but considering what we have now, they cannot do any worse. Furthermore, you may not agree with their stand on certain issues, but they try to avoid the ‘social’ issues and focus on returning this country to a CONSTITUTIONALLY CENTERED country. If it falls outside the parameters of the Constitution they do not want to be distracted by it. They loathe the ‘agenda mentality’. The logical inference gleaned is ‘fix the LAW, the rest will follow’. The Veterans’ Party of America has an activated party in all 50 states, a major accomplishment for such a young group (officially).

Now that you have the general idea about the party, meet the man who ‘would be President.’

I have no idea where he was born, what his early life was like, what his favorite Bible verse is, or whether he wears boxers or briefs. Quite frankly, I don’t care about any of that and some inspiring, young journalist can tackle those world changing facts another day. However, what I do care about is the character of the man. The most striking impression is of quiet confidence, intelligence, and humility. If he has an ego, it is kept rigidly in control. 

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