ISIS Must Be Exterminated


So much for the Islamic creed of dealing with a conquered people. It used to be that the conquered had three choices – convert to Islam, pay a hefty tribute and live as a second-class citizen, or die.

Now it seems, at least for the Islamic State, the second option is off the table, which leaves two bad choices – convert or die. Not much of a choice, because conversion means not only Islam as your chosen faith, but radicalized Islam and Sharia law.

But that’s the fate of the Yazidis. When their villages were overrun by ISIS barbarians, those who couldn’t or didn’t escape have been forced to surrender to the Caliphate and have been presented with the choice of convert or die.

The Islamic State released a video showing hundreds of Yazidi men taking part in a forced “conversion” ceremony.

MailOnline reports that one of the ISIS fighters said: “What has been said is the opposite of reality,” meaning the Yazidis weren’t forced to convert, and they haven’t been abused. He (the fighter) claims that, “Men, women and children had converted and I was with them and they are happy with their conversions. We advise the Yazidis to come down from the mountain and convert.”

Yes, I’m sure the Yazidi men are saying to one another, “Wow – this is great. Why didn’t we do this long ago? Wait… where did all our women go? Oh, that’s right – they were all taken to serve as concubines for our new benevolent rulers. We’re cool with that.”

Yeah, that’s what they’re saying.

I’m sure the new converts will be thrilled to fight for the Caliphate, and surely that will be their fate. That, or have the entire sect annihilated.

So what’s next for the Islamic State? Do they go further into Iraq – take Baghdad, or further into Syria, or both?

Well, if it were me, and putting aside my feeling that every member of the Caliphate should be exterminated, I would let Syria be for now.

Why? Well, because Syrian President Assad has set himself up pretty well in the eyes of the international community. Yes, everyone knows he’s an evil S.O.B. dictator, but compared to ISIS, he can at least be dealt with, and he knows this. He has set himself up to appear to be the clear “lesser of two evils.”

I’m sure he’s pretty confident he’ll garner support from Iran (which he already has), Russia, and possibly even the United States and the EU – certainly the UK, due to the discovery that over 2000 ISIS fighters are British.

Dr. David Roberts, a Gulf region security expert, says that Assad has been setting this up for a while now – actually encouraging the insurgency. He states that, “Today, short-term political calculation likely sees Assad as ‘a known quantity,’ and not as bad as ISIS.

So what’s going to happen going forward?

More and more pressure will be brought to Obama’s doorstep, or maybe the golf course, to intensify attacks on the Islamic State. That, too, will bode well for Assad.

If all goes as planned, Assad may not have to ramp up his defense against ISIS. America, the UK and others will do it for him.

And in hindsight, Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi, Mubarak and Assad were/are better for us than is ISIS.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when strong arm evil dictators are the “lesser of two evils.”

As awful as that is to think or say, strategically for the United States, those dictators could/can, to some extent, be dealt with and contained. ISIS cannot and will not be.

ISIS must be exterminated and the longer we wait, the worse it will be – for everyone.

How many more James Foley’s must be butchered before we figure this out?!

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