Islam Uses Taqiyya to Hide Their True Intentions and Too Many Americans Remain Oblivious


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Here is a perfect example of so-called peaceful Muslims in America who are doing everything they can to ignore death, destruction, and mayhem created by Muslims throughout the world. They have chosen instead to simply focus on brainwashing the masses. How are they doing that? By holding a conference in what they are calling “Community Day in Tampa” sponsored by ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) to be held June 29, 2013.

Here are some of the subjects to be covered:

  • Integrating Islam into the Science Curricula
  • Does Allah Really Love Us?
  • Muslim in the Mirror – Your Identity in the Community
  • Promoting Spiritual Environment in our Schools and Homes

Who is connected to this event, anyone we should know about? Ahmed Bedier is a featured speaker and is known for his work in favor of spreading Islam throughout America.

Ahmed Bedier (information below from Florida Family Association):

  • is leading a national effort through United Voices for America to oppose federal legislation that would prohibit American courts from recognizing Sharia law.
  • as director of the Tampa office of the Council on Islamic-American Relations defended Sami Al Arian, who was indicted and plead to federal charges of raising support for a Palestinian Jihad organization.
  • as director of the Tampa office of the Council on Islamic-American Relations spoke on behalf of Youssef Megahed one of two University of South Florida students who were arrested for allegedly carrying pipebombs near the Goose Creek, S.C a naval base and Megahed was arrested later for deportation.
  • lobbying efforts as director of the Tampa office of the Council on Islamic-American Relations resulted in the Hillsborough County School Board removing Yom Kippur and Good Friday from the school calendar even after nearly sixty percent of the students (supported by parents) protested by staying home from school on subsequent Good Fridays.

But beyond all of this, “ISNA founder and former Secretary-General Sayyid Syeed said in 2006, ‘Our job is to change the constitution of America.’ It is the Islamist mission to institute Sharia law as public policy in the United States.” These people are not friends of the United States. They are here to overthrow it from within. Anyone who denies this is either a complete moron or complicit in seeking to overthrow the current rule of law in the United States as defined under the Constitution.

On one hand, this is a perfect example of the use of taqiyya (lies and subterfuge) to present to the world one view of Islam, while working behind the scenes to work with legislators who will enact certain laws and policies that actually wind up protecting Islamic law (Sharia) by keeping American courts from prohibiting the use of Sharia law in those courts. In essence, it is Sharia vs. the US Constitution and Muslims want Sharia.

It is imperative to understand that we do not see so-called peaceful Muslims working against these efforts. They are in effect, doing nothing, which makes them complicit by the very nature of their inaction. Muslims like Ahmed Bedier are quite busy using sleight of hand (redirection) so that what we see is the “Community Day in Tampa” which is all feel good, warm and fuzzy presentations designed to cause people to lower their guards. What we do not see is the work that Bedier and other Muslims like him are deeply involved in behind the scenes.

Since it has been established – by Muslims themselves as noted above – that their intent is to change the US Constitution, isn’t it any surprise that so many liberals and the left in general support those efforts since they want to change the Constitution as well?

Notice on the poster of the event there are faces of three Muslims. The top picture shows a Muslim who is animated and appears very happy, while in traditional Muslim headgear. The second photo highlights another young Muslim, good-looking, happy. The third image down showcases a Muslim with…a cowboy hat? He’s a bit more serious looking, but the cowboy hat should assure us that he is “one of us.”

I believe it is imperative to understand what Islam is attempting to achieve in America. Too many people continue to be unaware of Islam’s teachings and true motivation. Those people will one day wake up to an America that appears more like an Islamic country controlled by Sharia law.

I am well aware that there are many who think people like me are fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists. I consider myself to be a reasonable man. I try to avoid conspiracy theories if possible. My on-going study of Islam has shown me that there is a public face to it that Muslims in the United States are propagating through taqiyya and a private face to Islam, one that Muslims do not want us to know about it.

Too many in America are unwilling to even consider the hard, cold truth. They want to think of a world where everyone gets along and co-exists. Unfortunately, by its very nature Islam is not built that way. It cannot tolerate any other religion or ideology because it sees it everything else as opposing Islam and ultimately, Allah.

Islam leaves no room for anything else. Everything must come under the authority of Islam or be destroyed. Do not fall for the lies and subterfuge of people like Ahmed Bedier who are prestidigitators for Islam. They present one thing to us and while chipping away at the very society we believe they support.

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