Islamic Jihadists: We Want Hardship, not a Happy Life – “Such Things Take Us Away from God”


ISIS, the Islamic State, is on the move – expanding its territory in both Syria and Iraq. Unlike their shadowy predecessors, this new breed of terrorist is actually widely promoting their cause, taking to Twitter and YouTube to spread their propaganda.

Vice News has put together a series of videos cataloging the views, ideology and methods of the Islamic State. It begins with one of the “Warriors of Allah” explaining that “Sharia must be the only law, and that it [Sharia] can only be established with weapons,” as he slaps his AK-47.

The Islamic State is not like other terrorist organizations. They really do fancy themselves an actual, autonomous kingdom. They even have their own “press officer,” Abu Mosa, who escorted the Vice News crew to different locales within their newly founded kingdom.

In the first of the video series, Abu Mosa has a statement for America. As he fiddles with his weapon, Mosa says: “I say to America, that the Islamic Caliphate has been established. And we will not stop. Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead, send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.”

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Well, Abu, I hate to disappoint, but with members of the Muslim Brotherhood working on Capitol Hill and in the White House, that may have already been done.

The Islamic State fighters claim that Assad’s Syrian forces that they are currently fighting are all infidels, but in fact, anyone who does not submit, convert, and swear allegiance to the Islamic State and “Bag Daddy” are considered infidels and enemies of God.

So where are they getting their fighters? Many have traveled from all over the globe to join the fight, but they also are brainwashing the children into hating everyone who is not part of the “State.”

Abu Mosa explains that the “cause” is the only thing. In fact, he says his own family “is the least important thing.” He claims “that no one would defend Muslims if all sat at home with the family.”

Now there’s some irony for you, because if Muslims sat at home with their families, they wouldn’t be out murdering, raping, and pillaging, and there would be nothing to defend.

Another “fighter” accompanying Mosa says that they “want hardship” – they “don’t want a happy life.”

“Such things take us away from God.”

Now I’m no theologian, but I don’t think God really wants us to live in a constant state of strife, killing our fellow man, but that’s just me.

Regarding the children, Vice News, in their second video segment, was taken to Raqqa, Syria, where children were playing in the waters of the Euphrates River. Along the riverbank, a “Preaching Van” is parked. It is there to spout their propaganda to the children.

A young boy is speaking to the camera, parroting hatred fed to him by his father. The father asks his young son if he wants to be a jihadist. Naturally, the boy answers in the affirmative. Then, he asks the boy, who can’t be more than six or seven, “Why do we kill the infidels?”

“Because they kill the Muslims,” answers the little boy.

This is a sad exchange. This child is clearly uncomfortable and appears to not want to be there. In the right environment, he could easily grow up to be a normal human being, but you can literally see the humanity being sucked out of him.

Unfortunately, this little boy’s fate is sealed – sealed by the dark heart, the hatred of his father for the rest of the world. The poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

And that’s the life of these children, who are seen as normal young boys frolicking in the river. Within a few years, they will become brainwashed, angry killers.

Another little nine-year-old says he wants to be trained to fight the Russians and the Americans. A nine-year-old boy! Mosa claims that anyone 16 and older is sent to military camp to train for “Military Operations”.

This is all these savages know. They don’t want peace – they cannot be “negotiated” with. We kill them all, or they kill us. There is no in between – no middle ground to be reached.

They will not stop until they have their worldwide caliphate, or they are all dead.

I’m afraid our only choice is the latter. After watching these videos, I am increasingly convinced there is no other way.

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