Islamic Savages Of Boko Haram Slaughter 30 In Nigerian Wedding Convoy, Including Groom


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The wedding convoy was returning to the state capital Maiduguri when they were ambushed along the mountainous Bama-Banki highway, a known target for Boko Haram. It’s rural and easy for the Islamic butchers to ambush any travelers on these back roads. They also hide out in this region, and stalk their prey like wolves, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Unfortunately, their attacks are increasing, though the M.O. of these monsters remains the same. They block off the roads and start killing, and they retreat when they get word of approaching military and police personnel.

“We saw a lot of dead bodies killed by gunshots and some by the roadside that appeared to have been slaughtered” with their throats slit, the driver, who asked to be identified only as Shaibu, told reporters Sunday in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.

Boko Haram is notorious for shooting and stabbing their victims, and leaving the slaughtered bodies to rot on the roadside. What was supposed to be a most joyous occasion turned into a nightmare from Hell thanks to the Islamic butchers, who see it as their sworn duty to do away with all semblance of Western societal influence.

Shaibu said his terrified passengers wanted to turn back, but “I took the risk … and said God is in control.”

Eyewitnesses told local media that the groom, identified by his wedding robes, was among the dead, and bodies with gunshot and knife wounds were scattered across the road.

The groom was callously killed on the most sacred and meaningful night of his life. A bride is now left to suffer the agony of knowing her bridegroom was viciously murdered, along with wedding party guests. Boko Haram kills without conscience, and though they more often than not target Christians and students, they also kill Muslims. This was a traditional Muslim wedding ceremony. They murder at random.

Last week Boko Haram fighters also made an assault on the city of Damaturu, destroying four police buildings in a five-hour gun battle, with official reports suggesting that more than 120 people died, including dozens of bystanders.

This attack happened last week. Boko Haram was responsible for a college massacre in late September, viciously murdering sleeping students. Though security forces have stepped up their attacks against them, they continue wage war against Nigerians. And the death toll continues to climb.

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said in a video released Sunday, November 3rd, that he led an October 24 attack in which 35 people found in military uniform were killed in the Nigerian city of Damaturu.

“This is a brief message to the world. We carried out the Damaturu attacks with Allah’s help, with Allah’s might, with Allah’s glory and with victory from Allah, the Creator,” he said.

This sums up Islam in one phrase: murdering for Allah. Boko Haram’s reign of terror shows no sign of abating. In a country where the population is 170 million and is composed of almost equal numbers of Christians and Muslims, the war for supremacy continues to wage on. Boko Haram’s horrific insurgency continues to tear the fragile country apart, and no on is safe. Nigeria is the picture of the horrors of Islam.

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