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This is what genocide looks like. The Central African Republic is in shambles because of Islamists. In March, a coup enabled Islamic leadership. The country is predominately Christian. What happened is typical of Islamists. They torture and slaughter. They do not come in peace. There is no peace in Islam, only death. The slaughter taking place in the Central African Republic has been ignored by the mainstream media across the world. Undoubtedly, the media has ignored the horrors of the Syrian violence against Christians, largely led by the Obama Administration backed rebels, namely the Free Syrian Army and Al-Qaeda. Islamists seek to cleanse the region of Christians. They’re doing it all over the world. Meanwhile, world leaders and most members of the media are silent.

conflict-car1The Central African Republic is being decimated by Islamists. On Thursday, the United Nations voted to send French and African troops to restore some semblance of stability. Sectarian violence has been tearing the region apart since March, with the dead too numerous to count. It started with a coup and the installation of an Islamic leader. Then all hell broke loose.

Brutal sectarian violence has engulfed the mostly Christian country since March, when the first Muslim leader assumed power after a coup.

Armed gangs of Muslim extremists joined by mercenaries from neighboring countries now control most of the country. Armed Christian forces are fighting back. Slaughter, rape and torture are widely reported.

A regional force has been in the country for months, but it’s untrained, outmanned and outgunned. U.N. and Western officials say they fear a possible genocide.

Rape, slaughter, and torture is a jihadist’s calling card. The Muslims came in and started working to cleanse the nation of Christians, the infidels. They don’t just kill people, they brutalize them. Torture is the way of Islam. They spare no one.

At a Catholic mission in Bossangoa in the country’s north, more than 35,000 people are squatting in squalid conditions. Bundles of filthy rags are piled high in the seminary, and people have to pick carefully through the scant plastic sheeting and debris in a site far too small for the number of people.

Everyone has a tale of horror. Women tell of seeing children executed, drowned or burned, and of seeing husbands shot, hacked to death or bundled in weighted sacks and thrown in a river.

Women seeing children burned, drowned and executed, and their husbands hacked to death like pieces of meat. It does not get any worse than this. But is the UN intervention to little too late? Is there any way to curb this violence? Not if the Islamists remain in power. The violence will continue until all Christians are purged and dead. This is a given, and there is little chance the UN will see this. They’re just there to try to do some “peacekeeping.” Clashes this past Thursday left 280 dead, with civilians grasping for any form of protection from the Islamic psychopaths.

Thousands of Christian civilians sought refuge at an airport guarded by French soldiers Friday, fleeing from the mostly Muslim ex-rebels with machetes and guns who rule the country a day after the worst violence to hit the chaotic capital in nine months.

When several French helicopters landed at the airport, people sang with joy as they banged on plastic buckets and waved rags into the air in celebration.

Outside the barbed wire fences of the airport, bodies lay decomposing along the roads in a capital too dangerous for many to collect the corpses. Thursday’s clashes left at least 280 dead, according to national radio, and have raised fears that waves of retaliatory attacks could soon follow.

946-19f5ou-aust_-55-300x199-1This is what savagery looks like, complete genocide in action. Corpses, innocent civilians fleeing Islamic butchers who have one goal: murder. They will keeping purging the Christian civilians until they are all dead. They’re goal is simple.

They are slaughtering us like chickens,” said Appolinaire Donoboy, a Christian whose family remained in hiding.

France had pledged to increase its presence in its former colony well before Christian militias attacked the capital at dawn Thursday.

On Thursday, Christian militias believed to be loyal to ousted leader Francois Bozize attacked the city, and hours of gunbattles ensued. The conflict in one of Africa’s poorest countries has gathered little sustained international attention since the government overthrow in March, and the dramatic developments were overshadowed Friday by global mourning for South African anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela, who died at the age of 95.

“Thanks to France and the United Nations who want to save the Central Africans, soon the Seleka attacks on civilians will stop. We have had enough of Seleka killing, raping and stealing,” said Abel Nguerefara, who lives on the outskirts of Bangui.

The crisis in the Central African Republic has been ignored since March. The problem is Islam. With Islamists in power of any kind, Christians, Jews, and all infidels will die. The silence the world over is deafening. Undoubtedly, the damage has already been done. Unless the Islamists are killed, there will be no end to this violence. This is the only solution. But that isn’t likely to happen. France has a limited mission in the Central African Republic, and what they can accomplish, if anything, remains to be seen. This is an ideological war that will not stop.

Yves Wayina, 26, fled with his wife and six children.

“France must come and rapidly deploy and do everything possible to save us,” he told the AP on Friday.

He’s not sure whether he can go back and live among Muslims. Too much has happened. Too many attacks by the Seleka, which include foreign mercenaries among their ranks.

“We are angry,” he said through the fence keeping civilians away from the airport runway. “The Muslims should go back where they came from.”

They cannot go back and live among Muslims. This isn’t possible. They will be slaughtered. The Central African Republic has been forgotten. Christians will continue to be killed in the name of Islam. Sadly, this is genocide at the hands of demonic Islamists. The United Nations will not save Christians in the Central African Republic.

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