ISNA – Muslims Tied To White House For Funding Pakistani Terrorists


If you were wondering why the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim group tied to the White House, was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist funding trial in United States history, you need look no further than a report from the Washington Free Beacon, in which their sister organization in Canada is being investigated for sending $280,000 to a Pakistani terror group. They are losing their minds in attempting to taqiyya about their involvement.

First note what Adam Kredo at the Free Beacon writesin an article titled

Canadian Islamic Society of North America sent $280K to Pakistani terror group, officials say:

A Muslim outreach group with ties to the White House is distancing itself from a Canadian organization that shares its name following revelations that the Canadian group may have funded Pakistani jihadists.

The Canadian Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) sent $280,000 to a Pakistani organization that the Canadian government says has terror ties, according to an official investigation first reported by the Star.

The Canada Revenue Agency audited ISNA-Canada’s Development Foundation (IDF) and found the charity “facilitated the transfer of resources that may have been used to support the efforts of” Pakistani separatist group Hizbul Mujahideen, as well as the extremist group’s “armed wing.”

Now understand that ISNA has been identified by federal prosecutors as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood “member organization,” and has come under scrutiny since 2009.

The IDF in Canada could lose its tax-exempt status following the government’s revelations that money designated for Pakistan’s Relief Organization for Kashmiri Muslims (ROKM) fell into the hands of militants.

The groups acting president told the Star that the money “did not go to any groups who were freedom fighters.”

The Star went on to point out:

But the charity failed to show auditors any documents proving it had control over how the money was spent, as the tax agency requires.

Contradicting Chaudhary’s assurance the money was carefully spent, the charity’s board members told auditors the funds were sent abroad with “no strings.”    

A total of $535,611 was sent by the IDF to organizations that the CRA deemed “non qualified donees.”

In fact, the sole scrap of evidence the charity said it had on how its money was spent overseas — photographs appearing to show relief work being done on behalf of the ISNA Development Foundation — was “altered,” auditors said.

A forensic examination determined the pictures of men performing relief work with a banner depicting ISNA Development Foundation in the background had been doctored after they were taken, specifically around the banner.

This explosive news involving ISNA’s Canadian arm led to them distancing itself from the Canada branch.

In a July 26 statement ISNA, apparently issued because “recent news reports about ISNA Canada may have confused some readers. ISNA has issued a clarification.” They wrote:

“We at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) are saddened and disturbed by news of alleged misappropriation of funds by our namesake organizations in Canada. We understand that the Canadian government’s investigation is still ongoing and no conclusion has been reached yet.

ISNA Canada and Islamic Development Foundation (IDF) in Canada are federally registered charities in Canada. It is important to note that the leadership and management of both of these organizations in Canada are separate from ISNA and its IDF (a department of ISNA), registered in the United States. There has been no links of authority or responsibility between the United States and Canadian organizations for a few decades, despite the similarity of names.”

Is anyone buying this as an excuse? Is anyone else questioning why ISNA has not distanced itself from ISNA Canada prior to this news? That’s what I thought. I think we are all on the same page. ISNA works just like the Muslim in the White House and tosses under the bus anyone that can bring their organization harm, even sister organizations. But the plot thickens as they appeal to their bylaws.

“The bylaws of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) do allow Canadians to become its members and elect an officer designated as vice-president (Canada) who sits on the executive council of ISNA, headquartered in Plainfield, Indiana. However, these members are individuals and have direct relationship with the Indiana-based ISNA and its IDF. No communication or relationship with them flows through the Mississauga-based ISNA Canada or its IDF.”

Sure, we can trust the taqiyya on display here, right? ISNA in Plainfield, Indiana only deal with individuals on their board, but they don’t communicate or have a relationship with Canadian ISNA members. Right, now about that ocean front property the Islamists have to see you in Indiana…

ISNA’s statement concludes, “The finances and financial records of ISNA, including those of its IDF, are maintained at its headquarters in Plainfield, Indiana. They are annually audited by certified public accountants, and annually published in its report to its members. The executive council and the board (Majlis ash Shura) of ISNA are fully committed to due diligence, transparency and accountability in managing all donations it receives, and to comply with all financial laws and regulations. We do hope that the government investigation of our namesake Canadian organizations will soon conclude with whatever action that may be needed to restore the confidence of Canadian citizens in the worthiness of their charitable work.”

Charitable work? You mean like the promotion of Islam and Sharia in the country to our north? Perhaps they are engaged in the same charitable work of undermining the ability for citizens to arm themselves in the same manner that ISNA in the United States is doing. If you ask me, there never has been any confidence in ISNA or Islam as a whole, nor will there ever be.

The Beacon goes on to point out that:

The news from Canada has led to new scrutiny of ISNA-America, which critics say is too close to the White House of President Barack Obama.

ISNA officials visited the White House in March. A top outreach official said the group was his “primary means of outreach to the American Muslim community.”

“ISNA’s founders and their families had the opportunity to visit the Eisenhower Executive Office Building of the White House and take a tour led by ISNA Majlis Ash Shura Member Asma Mirza,” according to an email the group sent to supporters after the powwow.

While at the White House, ISNA leaders “met with numerous White House officials who have been engaging with the American Muslim community for years,” according to the email.

“The meeting was organized and hosted by Paul Monteiro, associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, who has been actively reaching out to the American Muslim community through ISNA since the Obama administration began in 2009,” the email stated. “He shared resources with the founders and gave examples of ways to engage with the White House.”

“Mr. Monteiro also cited ISNA as his primary means of outreach to the American Muslim community and thanked the founders for all the work they did to support ISNA and fulfill the needs of their community for over 50 years,” the email said.

Now doesn’t that make you feel better? The fact that the White House has these people who work with and fund terrorist and engage in undermining the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution should be enough warrant to never let them near the people’s house again, but with one of their own in the Oval Office, the chances of such a ban are slim to none.

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