It's Either Us or Islam – Our Government Says "Islam"


I wrote an article recently on Russ Baker’s book “Family of Secrets.” The article is essentially about America’s connection to Saudi oil. The relationship began a long time ago in the early 1900s and through FDR. From that point, it grew into what it has become: Saudi oil to America in exchange for supporting the Saudis.

I make the claim that because of this connection, America is beholden to the Saudis. In order to keep that relationship strong and continue receiving their oil uninterrupted, America has promised to support the Saudis. Supporting the Saudis means allowing them to gain a foothold into America through oil. They currently are half-owners of the Motiva oil refinery in Port Arthur, TX, which has gotten them into over 33 individual states of the U.S. and has placed America in the position of actually bowing to the Saudis. Obama did this physically shortly after his first win as president in 2008.

Part of the problem with being in bed with the Saudis means that Islam comes with it. It’s kind of marrying someone and having to spend the same amount of time with the ugly step-daughter as well. Islam is part and parcel of Saudi Arabia.

Because of this, we see Islam becoming a protected ideology within the borders of America all the while Christianity and other religions are downplayed and even panned. Our federal government is under an obligation to ensure that the Saudis are given whatever they want because they sell us oil.

But in reality, does that relationship mean that our elected officials are concerned about Americans? Are they in bed with Saudis because they want to ensure that Americans do not run out of oil? It only looks like that. In truth, the relationship with the Saudis means that the people who are in charge of oil in this country are getting extremely wealthy. That is the reason our government is in bed with the Saudis.

Yes, Americans need oil and the pipeline between Saudi Arabia and America needs to remain open. But that is because those who control the oil have ensured that oil will always be the fuel that America needs. Oh, I’m aware of how Obama tried to pass himself off as the “green energy” president, by giving several alternative fuel companies millions and billions of dollars. These companies eventually failed. What Obama did was for looks. The companies were not supposed to succeed. It would have undermined the Saudi/American oil relationship and hurt people who have gained unimaginable wealth because of it. People like George Bush Sr., and Jr. as well as Cheney and a host of others, like the Rockefellers.

Obama is an interesting bird. When he first became president, his net worth was something like $1 and 6 million. He has since doubled that I believe. But if you consider that amount of money compared to what the Bushes have and the Rockefellers and others like them, having one to six million is like you and I having a few thousand. It’s nothing. Obama is truly the Manchurian puppet controlled by others who have allowed him to be where he is today and as long as he continues to obey them, he will gain some wealth. If he screws up, he will be exiled…like Nixon was through Watergate. You didn’t really think that the situation arose because Woodward and Bernstein were tremendous reporters, did you? They were used too, in order to bring down a president who did not want to continue playing the game and taking orders. He was unpredictable and not solid. He couldn’t be counted on and his paranoia was getting to him. He needed to be removed, but not killed. It’s politics. Do the research.

Because of the Saudis, America’s dependence upon them and their oil, and our government willing to do whatever to keep the oil pipeline open, Islam is being used. It was used during Jimmy Carter’s tenure as president as well, to bring down Communism then and it is being used now throughout the world (including America) to destabilize things.

Islam is not a religion and people need to get that through their heads. It is an ideology. That ideology – as Ann Barnhardt says – is one of sedition. It is impossible for Islam to work with other ideologies. It is impossible for Islam to settle for second place. Read the Qur’an yourself. I have three translations of it. Read it. Wrap your own brain around it and reject what others say about Islam (that it’s a religion of peace).

Our government is using Islam to create an unstable economy and society. It is illegally granting Islam the very things that it will not extend to Christianity or other religions found in America. The red carpet is slowly being rolled out and those in our government who are rolling it out are traitors to America. They need to be arrested and charged with sedition.

By rolling out the red carpet and bending over backwards for Islam, our government is essentially telling us that we need to accept Islam. I am fine with Muslims, as long as they abide by the same rules forced on me. Once I see they are getting a leg up or are given special privileges like they are, then I realize that something else is at play here and it needs to stop.

I reject the special privileges given to Islam! I will not choose Islam over freedom. I will never bow to Islam.

Americans are fighting a good many things these days and every fight is connected to our government. We are fighting to maintain the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the 4th Amendment all the while our government is using the 5th Amendment to protect itself.

The trouble is that our government is being guided by its relationship with the Saudis. Because of that, we are really fighting against Islam because of Islam’s connection to the Saudis and it all goes back to our need for oil.

I know it sounds overly simplistic, but the truth is that this exists and essentially, the goal is to bring down America, the same way that Islam has nearly brought down The Netherlands and the UK and created havoc in France, Belgium, and other places.

The people who are in charge do not care about Americans. They care about lining their own pockets. They have become cesspools of greed. They need to be stopped and I think the best way to stop them is to stop Islam. Just as hundreds of people went to the recent “outreach” event in Tennessee featuring our government siding with Islam, we need to make sure that we are vigilant against Islam’s encroachment.

Recently, the San Francisco Airport used public money to turn part of one of their parking garages into an area of prayer for Muslims, complete with foot-washing basins. Would they have done so for Christians? Of course not. How do they get away with it when it is obviously illegal? No one complains, or not enough complain.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean being “nice” and getting along with everyone. Read the New Testament. John the Baptist didn’t get along with everyone. Neither did Jesus. Neither did His apostles and other followers. Why do we think that if we become righteously indignant about what is wrong with society, we are somehow bringing dishonor to Christ? Sorry, it’s the other way. By remaining silent, we become complicit and because of that, we bring dishonor to Christ.

It is time to make our stand, folks. It’s either us or Islam. Our government says “Islam.” What say you?

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