Jade Helm and the Fifth Column Invasion of America


Most are familiar with the concept Fifth Column insurgency in which a terrorist group lives among and blends in with its intended victims until the moment to strike is at hand and then they carry out their mission with a vengeance against the indigenous people. The Viet Cong is one of the best examples of these tactics in recent American history.

Fifth Column Insurgents Inside of the United States

Most countries who have Fifth Column forces within their country, are normally only dealing with a single force. The United States is dealing with multiple insurgent forces at the same time.

1. Yesterday, I reviewed Judicial Watch’s revelation regarding an ISIS base camp 8 miles from El Paso and that these ISIS members are making their way across our border with the help of the drug cartel coyotes.

2. For the past three years, I have documented the presence of foreign troops on our soil who are training for martial law.

3.  In the summer of 2014, I documented how the Border Patrol were ordered by DHS to ignore MS-13 members who were crossing the border. MS-13 is utilized by the Sinoloa Cartel as assassins who primarily target uncooperative public officials and journalists.

As if the presence of these three insurgent groups inside of the United States was not bad enough, we are witnessing the development of two more insurgent groups and the government and its intelligence operations are doing nothing to interdict these two major threats to national security.

4. We are now witnessing ISIS recruiters operating domestically as they are recruiting American college students.

5. The massive refugee resettlement programs, run by the UN, through the State Department threaten to undermine domestic tranquility in at least 190 cities. The State Department is as “dirty” as dirty can be. Of course, what would one expect after several years of leadership under Hillary Clinton?

The quality of life in America is about to take a sharp turn downwards and here is why.

Another ISIS Threat to National Security

What would you say if I told you that an ISIS recruiter was recently operating out in the open in Seattle? Would you find that impossible to believe? Would you think that the FBI would have moved to immediately arrest the ISIS recruiter operating on American soil? Neither one of these assumptions is accurate.

Sputnik News and another foreign news entity have discovered that the ISIS recruiter is a mid-20’s journalism student who goes to football games, eats cheeseburgers, and, in her spare time, recruits American college students to ISIS for the purpose of waging a war on behalf of Muslim extremism.

Subsequently, the ISIS recruiter’s identity has been publicly blown and she has fled Seattle. However, it was not the FBI who discovered this 5th column recruiter operating within our midst. Amazingly, it was news reporters from the United Kingdom. Here is News Channel 4 original tweet on the subject.

Unmasked: Senior ISIS agent is from Seattle… loves pizza and the Denver Broncos http://t.co/tnsoBeWpuz #ISISunmasked pic.twitter.com/JuusYePQXO

— Channel 4 News (@Channel4News) April 28, 2015

The UK reporters identified the ISIS recruiter as a woman named Rawdah Abdisalaam, and she hails from Somalia. She did much of her recruiting through twitter @_UmmWaqqas. She operated other twitter accounts, @Rawdah_Abdi and @Rodaa27, and she had 8,000 followers. Her twitter accounts have now been deactivated.

Reporters, from News Channel 4, in the United Kingdom, were following her ISIS recruitment activities on twitter. From pictures she posted on twitter, the reporters figured out that she was doing her recruitment from Seattle. The pictures which led to the unveiling of this ISIS recruiter are featured below.


This female ISIS recruiter may like football, but she likes mayhem and terrorist-inspired violence even more, as she tweeted support after the shocking filmed murder of the Jordanian pilot, whom the Islamic State burned in a cage, in which she proclaimed “an eye for an eye, if you ask me!”

It’s been clear since ISIS burst onto the scene with territorial gains that took Western powers by surprise that ISIS had a unique and effective social media strategy combining a seemingly inexhaustible network of twitter accounts with slickly produced recruitment and propaganda videos. Now this strategy of recruitment is being unleashed in the United States right under our American noses.

“ISIS Recruiters Are On Nearly Every Campus”

There is an Islamic couple I have used as consultants on past stories that I have written on Sharia Law and other nefarious Islamic activities on American soil. For the record, they detest Islamic extremism and they merely want to be left alone and practice their religion in private.

After learning about the female ISIS recruiter, I asked the couple how common is this practice and they seemed surprised that I was not aware that most college campuses in the United States have ISIS recruiters.

The Omnipresent ISIS Threat

ISIS routinely issues threats against the U.S. In a recent
video series
, Vice Media embedded with ISIS militants, and an ISIS militant told a Vice camera, “God willing, we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.”

ISIS, by design, is everywhere. The following was tweeted from an apparently pro-ISIS Twitter handle @sunna_rev on August 9, 2014:

#AmessagefromISIStoUS We are in your state We are in your cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere



NBC’s Predictive Programming TV Series

In a stunning case of predictive programming, the NBC hit series, State of Affairs, shows exactly what ISIS is up to as they are recruiting college American youth in order to carry out large-scale domestic terrorism.

State of Affairs is particularly telling as and American terrorist recruit, “Stacy Dover,” blows up a CIA safehouse, killing a U.S. Senator and a CIA agent and seriously wounding the CIA Director. The name of the terrorist group, in the show, is not ISIS, but it may as well be, as the show’s name for ISIS is “Ar Rissalah.”  The elite are telling us what they are going to do with ISIS.

The True ISIS Threat Was Manufactured By the CIA

Aaron Klein, an author for WorldNetDaily, has reported that members of ISIS fighting against the al-Assad government in Syria were trained by U.S. military instructors in Jordan. We also know that ISIS received its weapons from cast of military supplies left by U.S. troops in Iraq. By law, these weapons caches were to be destroyed before the troops redeployed to the United States.  ISIS is clearly a CIA psyops that has two goals:

1. Take Syria’s Assad out of power.

2. Become the next excuse on why we must continue to hand over our rights to the government to protect us.

Recruiting American Youth

Your children are vulnerable to become recruited by ISIS as witnessed by the three teenage Colorado girls who wanted to join ISIS as a good opportunity to study how the militant group recruits young people in the West, U.S. law enforcement officials told CNN. Again, as in Ferguson, American youth are being recruited through social media. I issue this warning now to the parents of America: Know what your children are doing. Monitor their social media and forget the lame argument that they have privacy rights. Nonsense! You have parental responsibilities.

Fifth Column Insurgents and Jade Helm

Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, Jade Helm has announced its intentions to carry out infiltration techniques and to “blend in” with the locals. We in the Independent Media have deduced that the extraction of political undesirables and the imposition of martial law are the main operational objectives of Jade Helm as evidenced by the well-documented extraction drills held in Ft. Lauderdale on March 27th.

Just how will Jade Helm forces fit into this unfolding scenario involving treason and treachery? Some people I speak with hold out hope that American forces will extract the Fifth Column insurgents in the Jade Helm exercises and that the rest of us are totally misreading the intention of Jade Helm. Do you believe in miracles? This leads to two possibilities.

1. Jade Helm will play the role of hero and change sides and rid the country of these Fifth Column forces. I entertained the idea for a few seconds until CBS News put out an article, two days ago, in which they defended Jade Helm as one of the most patriotic activities that we could hope to see on American soil. CBS News is Rockefeller territory and as such, should be considered to be an enemy of the American people. 

2. Jade Helm is partnering with these insurgent forces in what will become a nightmare for the American people. I previously reported that one of my sources revealed the Special Forces contacts he had inside of Jade Helm were concerned because they were completely compartmentalized and being isolated from long range mission objectives. Now we know why! How many American soldiers, if they suddenly realized that they were partnering with terrorists and foreign entities to bring an end to the American way of life as we have known it, would actually continue forward? Therefore, it is clear that our military forces will join with these insurgent groups, if not on the battlefield, but in operational mission goals and, at least at first, will be ignorant as to the scope of the mission. 


I am coming across evidence which demonstrates that ISIS is being established as a domestic terrorist police force inside of the United States in conjunction with other terror groups. These other terror groups, who will no doubt join these Fifth Column insurgents are part of the Resettlement program for refugees which is being run by the UN and this will be the subject of a future article. By the way, would you care to guess the religion of 92% of the resettlement population? This will be the topic of Sunday’s article.

Meanwhile, there is a plethora of methods to monitor your child’s twitter account, Facebook and text messages. Simply Google “Monitoring your child’s social media,” because the ISIS “beheaders” and friends are everywhere.


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