John Kerry: Medal-faking Charlatan – Obama’s Kind of “Hero”


John Kerry, a medal-faking charlatan, may become Obama’s new Secretary of Defense. One fraud attracts another.

In 2004, just prior to the presidential election, I wrote an excoriating open letter to Kerry. The Swift-boaters sent it far and wide. A friend of mine sent it throughout the key states of Ohio and Florida. He says it may be what turned the election in Bush’s favor. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do believe the letter needs to be republished. It appears below in abbreviated form. Please send it to those you think need to read it.

An Open Letter to Senator John F. Kerry
October 19, 2004

Dear Senator Kerry,

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I never met my uncle Will. He was a lieutenant in the Navy during WWII. He was killed in action on his PT boat in the Pacific. For his fatal wounds, he received the Purple Heart posthumously.

The first-captain of my West Point class took a bullet through the heart while leading a South Vietnamese airborne battalion into combat. For this fatal wound, he was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously.

My senior year roommate at West Point became a tunnel rat. A booby trap explosion killed him in the tunnels of Duc Pho. The army awarded him the Purple Heart posthumously. My plebe year roommate lost an eye and became permanently crippled. For his extensive wounds, he received the Purple Heart.

My battalion commander in Vietnam was one of the bravest men I ever knew. He went out ahead of the troops in his light observation helicopter to find and kill enemy before they had a chance to fire on his men. That’s how he died. For his fatal wounds, he received the Purple Heart posthumously.

My words pale in their import compared to the terse comment of a high school classmate of mine. We played lacrosse together in Baltimore. He went to the Naval Academy and upon graduation became a marine. This past July at our annual lacrosse crab feast, I asked him what he thought of your Purple Hearts. He said, “Bob, nine of us lieutenants went over there together, and only three of us came back. All three of us who survived spent at least a month in the hospital recovering from wounds we suffered in combat.”

You didn’t need any recovery time from your three alleged “wounds.” How does one get “wounded” and yet not need to recover from those “wounds”? With wounds comes suffering. Where was your suffering? How could you merit a Purple Heart when you weren’t even a casualty? You did not earn your Purple Hearts; you wrangled them from the system through deception so you could go home early and get out of eight months of combat. That is despicable and shameless. During the democratic convention, your flagrant, boastful show of your “heroism” gave the impression that you had been a man in the thick of combat, when in fact, you had been a man on the very edge of it, all the while slyly conniving your way out of it. Instead of “Reporting for duty,” you should have said, “Derelict in my duty.” I marvel at your pomposity, and at the astonishing facility with which you present your phony war record as fact to the American people.

Let’s compare your wounds with those of a West Point classmate of mine and his men. As my classmate directed artillery fire onto suspected enemy positions, shrapnel from an enemy mortar ripped into his leg. A medivac chopper took him to the American Division field hospital. When he returned to his company two weeks later, many new faces met him: The lieutenant who had taken over had marched the company into a u-shaped ambush resulting in two-thirds of the men being killed or wounded. Those wounded in that battle did not have to put themselves in for the Purple Heart, as you did, Senator Kerry.

You exhibit the characteristics of a Narcissist. Narcissus, for whom this malignant character defect is named, fell in love with his image in a pool of water. As with Narcissus, your image has become the focus of your life. This image of yourself with which you are enamored, so greedy for recognition and praise, is only two dimensional: it has breadth and width, but no depth. And while your image may appear grand and heroic on the surface, there is no substance to it. My high school marine friend and my West Point classmate, true heroes, didn’t take movie cameras with them to Viet Nam, but you did—with the express purpose of recording your imaginary exploits and feeding your grandiose image of yourself.

The truth is you faked combat wounds in Viet Nam, and your actions were devious and self-serving. You were a “Purple Heart hunter,” just as the Swift Boat Vets say. Narcissus was an actor, and so are you.

I don’t understand how any veteran, or any member of a veteran’s family, or any sane-thinking American could even consider voting for you—a man who faked Purple Hearts in wartime. A man who will fake Purple Hearts for the sake of glorifying his image has no integrity and misdefines truth as whatever enhances the power and prestige of that image. A man without depth and substance stands for anything and everything—so long as his image is glorified. Narcissists such as you cannot be trusted; and they can be very dangerous, especially when they become paranoid about protecting their image, especially when they occupy positions of great authority and consequence. The issues in this election are truthfulness and character, and you lack both.

Your deceit is an explicit slur upon my uncle Will’s Purple Heart award, and you mock all other veterans who made the supreme sacrifice or suffered genuine wounds in combat throughout our nation’s history. Your rise to prominence is based upon your abominably perverse desecration of our ideals; you have trivialized and demeaned the sacred and the solemn, and no amount of fluent sophistry or braggart pretense can cover it up.

Your conduct goes far beyond dereliction of duty. You betrayed your comrades in Viet Nam; you betrayed the trust of antiwar veterans, and now your self-fabricated credentials and continued lies contaminate the political process.

Remember the professor a few years ago who lied about being a Viet Nam veteran? His college reprimanded and suspended him for foisting such an abominable sham upon a few hundred students. I ask you in closing, Senator Kerry, what punishment is fitting for a man who fabricates medals as sacrosanct as the Purple Heart, and who continues to lie about his Viet Nam service to the entire world?

Yours truly,

Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr.

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