Just What is a "Real American?"


It comes to my attention through the media coverage the last several years that both sides of the political spectrum in the U.S. claim the “real American” title. And each side demonizes the other for being unAmerican. Politicians will stand up in front of crowds and claim that their way is the American way, that they have the true interest of Americans at heart, that it is unAmerican to allow people and companies to fail, unAmerican to have a segment of poor among us. The President himself prefaces statements by saying that he is a Constitutional scholar and that his policies are “American.” I find that to be just “jabberwocky” intended to pull in uneducated people who really are clueless on the tenets of the U.S. Constitution.

To be fair, both parties are claiming the “real American” label when, in fact, both parties have been passing laws that are completely unAmerican, antithetical to the U.S. Constitution. I have made some statements in my writing that I believe the political leftists, the Democrats, and the Obama administration are all unAmerican. When I say this, know that I am saying that they are tearing down our Constitution. In fact, I believe that they are more unAmerican than the Republicans, but both are working against the Constitution to suit their own political gain. I do believe more Republicans are more Constitutional than any who claim to be so on the left. In short, one is worse than the other, but both play the game.

There are people in this country who call themselves “American” who either don’t know the Constitution or don’t care about it because they want the ‘government’ to hand them benefits from other peoples’ labors. I do not believe these people are “real Americans” and I am not afraid to say so. I would politely call them “pretenders,” but the situation has now gotten much more dire than that would imply. The situation we are facing today is sinister.

The first thing you need to know is that the only thing that is “American” is the U.S. Constitution. That document is the one thing that makes us “American.” All of the other claims to be the “American” way by politicians, who are passing this bill or that bill to micro-manage our personal lives, are bogus. Forced diversity is not American. Affirmative Action is not American. Social Security is not American. Medicare and Medicaid are not American. Being American means believing in the U.S. Constitution as the one and only manual for our government. All we need to do is stick to it.

The problem we have over Obamacare, as well as, Cap and Tax proposals, and even things like the Cash for Clunkers bill, is that not one of these ideas fit into the U.S. Constitution. The bailouts of the banks, the TARP, the Stimulus Bill, all are completely unConstitutional. No Child Left Behind, and the Prescription Drug Bill were also completely unConstitutional. The Federal Reserve is unConstitutional. The government of the United States is full of people who are doing things for their own selfish purposes and not adhering to their oath to support and uphold the Constitution. That, in itself, recalls the oath of defending the Constitution from enemies “both foreign and domestic.” How does that oath hold up when those who take that oath are undermining the Constitution themselves? That oath has become a joke in our current government.

In the history of civilization, tragically, there have always been poor people. What is different about being “American” is that the U.S. Constitution created a larger middle class and millions of people who have had the opportunity to rise out of that poverty. From a world perspective, America has been more successful at giving the poor opportunities that do not exist in other government structures. And while that is due in part to capitalism, it is due mostly to the Constitution that insures individual property rights, the rights to own the fruit of your own labors, and the pursuit of happiness. The most important rights included in the Constitution guarantee that you own your own person and the gains of your hard work. That is the key to the success of America.

No one can doubt that the Democrat Party has become more socialistic. They have taken power with chips on their shoulders. They have become social engineers who, evidently, aren’t satisfied with opportunity for all. They don’t want opportunity. They say they want egalitarian results for each life. That in itself is completely antithetical to being “American.” It is also an unachievable myth. What they really want is the game rigged in favor of government officials, so that individuals lose their Constitutional rights of owning themselves and are forced into giving away their opportunities, their ownership rights, their wages, and literally their own person-hoods to everyone else. Communes anyone? In their utopian schemes, the individual owes the government (the collective) his or her life. There is nothing “American” about this.

So the next time you hear some politician proclaim they are proposing something “American,” I suggest you make them pass the Constitutional test. When they say things like, “America must do this because we look bad to the rest of the world if we don’t” or “My way is the American way,” when in fact it isn’t at all, ask yourself if the proposal is consistent with the rights guaranteed in the Constitution or is it some convenient hand-out to buy off either special interests or votes? Our country was not built on “collectivism.”

Our country was not created to “take from the rich and give to the poor.” Our country was created to give everyone the opportunity to reach their own potential. If one person’s potential is “X” and another person’s potential is “Y,” that is O.K. Rigging the system with government intervention is exactly what has been wrecking the system, taking “X” and “Y” down with it. Why would anyone want more of that? But that is what this last election brought us, more expanded unConstitutional government intervention brought to you by special interests and politicians who are rigging the system.

If you believe in and support the U.S. Constitution, you are a “real American.” If you don’t, then stop the meaningless proclamations. You are making liars of yourselves.

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