Laughable: Post Jihadist Beheading UK Soldier, UK Braces For ‘Right-Wing Extremists’


A total of 10 Muslims have been arrested (as of this writing) in the beheading of Lee Rigby, a young British soldier and father, in the streets of London last Wednesday. There is no way we can yet know how many were involved in the plot to “start a war in the streets of London” that night. But the lone-wolf Islamic brigade is larger than the media led us to believe. Islamic clerics in the United Kingdom – not all, but you don’t need all to start a war – praise the beheaders. There are a lot more sympathizers than the media and political elites will ever admit to.

The New York Times reported Monday that jihad murderer Mujaheed Adebolajo “had been heard in mosques and community centers in south London calling for jihadist attacks in Britain.” Why didn’t the mosques report him to authorities? These Muslim terrorists were known to intel agencies, as were the Boston jihad bombers, but the same delusion, the same ignorance and the same absence of intel on the jihadic doctrine led to horrific bloodshed. This is the human cost of fantasist policy.

The enemedia in Britain should be asking hard questions about this. Instead, they’re focusing on what they see as a much greater threat: “right-wing extremism.”

The enemedia are reporting that “Britain is bracing for clashes with right-wing extremists and possible copycat terror attacks after the brutal slaying of a young soldier. London’s Metropolitan Police said more than 1,000 officers will be sent to potential trouble spots with armed response units.”

The British police are bracing for right-wing extremism. Laugh out loud. What exactly is that? A peaceful demonstration in defense of freedom? Crazy time in the free world. A young man wearing a Help for Heroes T-shirt is beheaded in cold blood on a London suburban street by devout Muslims, and the police are bracing for right wing extremism.

And so when the English Defence League (EDL) held a pro-freedom demonstration Monday against racism and bigotry, as if on cue, the haters and the fascists turned out to harass, provoke and agitate. Every time British patriots rally for freedom, the leftist fascists and Islamic supremacists call for a violent response. And so in this case they called for a demonstration Tuesday: “Oppose the EDL tomorrow 2 p.m. Downing Street, Westminster London.”

Freedom is bigotry now. Thousands of EDL freedom lovers at the demonstration on Monday included women, children, veterans, Sikhs, gays: defenders of freedom.

The violent opposition, the Orwellian-named “anti-fascist groups,” only attracted a hundred or so haters, who threw missiles and bottles. Yet despite the obvious aggression of these vicious leftists, the media always shape these attacks as “clashes.”

A soldier named Ben Roberts, who was wearing service medals from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, attended the EDL rally with a huge flag of St. George. “I am here,” he said, “to show that we stand together against the killers of Lee Rigby. It seems that there is one law today for Muslims and one for everyone else. I’ve had it with parties like Labour and the Conservatives.” Roberts said he voted in recent elections for the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

The blood of Lee Rigby is still fresh on the streets of Woolwich, and the enemedia are in full attack mode. The Huff Po warns, “Woolwich Killing: Most Think EDL Actions ‘Make Terror Attacks More Likely.'” The Guardian’s headline was “EDL protesters blame Islam for Woolwich attack.” Whom does the Guardian blame for the attack? The Joooos?

And every media account describes the EDL as “far-right.” So now freedom is a marginalized movement advanced by the “far-right.” What is the far right? Hitler was far left (remember that “Nazi” was an abbreviation for the real name of his party, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party), so just what is the media’s reference point on this?

The media is are down in flames – self-immolation. The Daily Mail reported Monday that the jihad murderer Adebolajo “was among hundreds of young Muslims who gathered outside Harrow Central Mosque in North-West London” last Sept. 11 in order to “‘defend’ it against a planned joint protest by the English Defence League and Stop the Islamisation of Europe group.”

The jihad murderer was protesting our group. I love that. Which side are you on? We know what side the media are on.

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