LaVoy Finicum Murder Witness Interview: FBI Confiscated my Video Showing Agents Opening Fire on Vehicle Occupants before Finicum was Shot (Video)


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It’s been nearly three weeks since the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and an eyewitness to that murder has now come forward and confirmed that not only was Finicum gunned down in cold blood and shot at repeatedly as he lay in the snow, but she is now saying that the FBI confiscated video that showed agents opening fire on the occupants of the vehicle prior to Finicum being shot.

Shauna Cox, who was in the vehicle with LaVoy Finicum, spoke in an exclusive interview with Dennis Michael Lynch as the FBI were closing in on the refuge and the remaining holdouts at the Oregon Wildlife refuge were close to leaving the area. She told him that they should not be called protesters, but rather were there on a mission to protect evidence that they had acquired at the refuge.

“We were really there gathering evidence,” Cox told Lynch. “They’re really nervous. They were trying to protect the evidence that we had been uncovering there against the Hammonds and against the ranchers, and against the people there in that county.”

Cox confirmed that the evidence that she mentioned was a series of documents that chronicled a “series of events that have occurred over the years of how they’ve (The Bureau of Land Management) been usurping and taking over, stealing if you will, the people’s property… taking away their rights.”

That was not the focus of the interview, but does provide some insight into why the group was camped out there at the refuge. This was also confirmed when Oathkeepers media Director Jason Van Tatenhove joined Jim White and myself on NorthWest Liberty New radio and said that he had actually helped LaVoy Finicum archive some of the documents, including maps.

When asked about the specifics of the day that LaVoy Finicum was murdered, Cox indicated that she was seated behind the passenger seat in the back of the cab of the truck, and that LaVoy Finicum was not interested in stopping for the feds, but rather getting to “safety” with the sheriff they were going to see in another county. Cox said that Finicum believed the roadblocks that had been setup were to keep them from crossing the county line, where a constitutional sheriff was waiting on them.

However, that is only part of the reason that Finicum drove off. Cox said, “As soon as Ryan Payne opened the window to put his hands out empty handed, he reaches across and I see the red laser a bullet strikes, which I thought hit his wrist because I heard the ‘pling’ and he recoiled quickly into the car.”

Though Payne was not hit, the vehicle was, according to Cox.

However, after a moment of discussion, Finicum drove off and before he veered off the road and into the snowbank, the vehicle was peppered with shots, according to Cox. Had the manual aircraft that was providing the surveillance been operating correctly, it would have been much clearer what took place and who was actually committing acts of violence.

Cox says that during the entire incident she was videoing with her camera while she and the others were pinned down with gunfire. However, the FBI confiscated the video footage she recorded.

“They have it,” she told Lynch. “They got my camera.”

Cox was positive that she did record what took place, but said that she dropped it in the snow when she was told to exit the vehicle with her hands up. She also stated that she believed the camera recorded multiple gunshots that were fire at the occupants of the vehicle. In fact, she claims that over one hundred shots were fire at the vehicle.

Apparently, since those who shot at the vehicle prior to it stopping were willing to fire on it when it was not a threat, Finicum jumps out of the vehicle and, according to Cox, began shouting, “Then go ahead, just shoot me.”

Now, it all makes perfect sense. Those who staged the roadblock were obviously in no danger. Finicum deliberately drove into the snow bank in order to prevent ramming into them and killing anyone. One man can be seen trying to jump in front of the vehicle and apparently shoots at the vehicle. Finicum was not a threat at all. His hands were in the air and as we have shown previously, he did not draw a gun, but rather dropped his hands because he was shot, and the FBI and others have it all on video, but we are not seeing that video footage released. Why? It’s because they are attempting to cover up a cold-blooded murder of a patriot.

Reports have surfaced that the names of those who shot and killed LaVoy Finicum are being sealed. Those men need to answer for what they did and they need to be brought to justice and the American people don’t need any more propaganda regarding this ambush. They need to see and hear the truth! It’s time we demand it!

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