Law Abiding Gun Owner Saves Police Officer In Shootout


According to news reports Mr. Charles Conner 58 years old became angry and commenced to kill his neighbor, his neighbor’s live in partner, and their dogs. Mr. Connor became angry about David House’s dogs using the bathroom in certain places located in the Peach House RV Park located in Central Texas where they resided.

Authorities stated that Mr. Connor was quick to anger, and had previously filed several complaints about the dogs using the bathroom on the tree. On July 29, 2012 (actual date unknown) Mr. Connor went into his place of residence retrieved a gun, shot and killed Mr. David House, Ms. Iris Calaci 53, and their family dogs.

Sgt. Steven Means was the first officer on the scene. When Sgt. Means arrived on scene he was ambushed by Mr. Connor with an array of gunfire. Vic Stacy (a local law abiding citizen and gun owner) heard the shooting, and went to his door to find out what was going on. Mr. Stacy saw two people had already been shot, and that Sgt. Steven Means was in trouble. Mr. Stacy stated “I knew if I didn’t do something that the officer was going to be killed.” That is when Mr. Stacy retrieved his (LEGAL) gun to help the trapped officer. Mr. Stacy shot Mr. Conner several times helping to save Sgt. Means life.

Sheriff Bobby Grubbs of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department stated that he was very thankful for Mr. Stacy and “had he (the concerned citizen) not had his gun, there is no telling what the outcome may have been”.
Thank God for Law abiding citizens with a gun. Thank you Mr. Stacey for helping a police officer in need, and proving once again that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are a necessity not a desire. Thank God for our Second Amendment to the Constitution giving us the right to bear arms.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Stacy claims to have shot Mr. Connor from 165 yards in the interview! Kudos to Mr. Stacy!

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Law Abiding Gun Owner Saves Police Officer In Shootout.