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Three weeks after being ejected from a high school campus over doubtful accusations from school administrators, popular speaker and musician Bradlee Dean gave his presentation to an enthusiastic high school club.

“This generation is subjected to everything, and protected from nothing,” Dean said. You cannot complain about our posterity when they are guilty as taught. They simply reflect their teachers. I am tired of seeing the older generations divert responsibility. So I am doing my best to make up for their lack thereof.”

Spanish River High School administrators in Boca Raton told students they had no First Amendment rights in kicking Dean’s group off campus Feb. 13, but later changed their minds at the suggestion of federal court action to allow Dean to speak to The American Club, who had invited him with school approval. (See actual video footage of the ejection of Dean and his group You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, Intl.)

Liberty prevailed today for the students who came to Bradlee Dean’s presentation. Several dozen students showed up for the after-school discussion.

Citing the First Amendment of the Constitution, as well as “viewpoint discrimination,” a term used in a numerous U.S. Supreme Court decisions involving protected speech, Richard Mast, of Liberty Counsel, said, “The District’s videotaped reaction to Bradlee clearly showed that administration officials were familiar with his position on various issues, and that his statements and reputation were the motivations behind his denial and ejection from the school,” Mast stated. “The District later proffered the club’s alleged failure to follow protocol as the reason for its denial. ‘Paperwork errors’ were the only obstacles that the District could come up with to justify itself; once these were addressed, the District had no choice but to approve.”

Dean added, “The truth of the matter is, I know what it is like to be forgotten about, therefore it is easy to stand up and fight for what you love and I love this generation enough to fight for them. It stands true, God will give you what you are willing to fight for. No excuses. And today’s victory at the American club, Spanish River High School speaks for itself. God has not changed — the American people have.”

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