Leftist Goes Completely Insane Over #RBG (Video)


A liberal woman screams and has a complete meltdown over the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“F*** you guys. I’m driving and I just got a notification that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Could this year get any f***** worse?”

This is beyond ridiculous!

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FYI: I went on her TikTok account before posting the video. She’s not a parody. She’s says she’s a lesbian with severe emotional problems and ADHD (no shit lol) She has a lot of looney videos, and some that calmly discuss her “disorders” – she also thinks houseplants have “feelz” pic.twitter.com/PHOo7pmi0q

— Amy (@MaybeAmes) September 19, 2020

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. She needs mental help. BAD!

— Rider of the Storm⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@0Praying) September 20, 2020

Hold on a second….. she says she is driving a car. She is in right side. Ummm… the only cars over here that are right hand drive are for people delivering the mail. So does she deliver mail ? Scary to see someone this unhinged behind a wheel.

— A Musk says what? (@iamratkiller) September 20, 2020

This is the EMBODIMENT OF THE LEFT! Demon possessed small unintelligent drank the koolaid of their own free will MSM sheeple!!

— renee mize (@reneemize3) September 19, 2020

They should have never given all those kids RIBBONS FOR PARTICIPATING … screwed them up big time… now they think EVERYTHING IS OWED TO THEM 😳🤬

— DEPLORABLE DEBORAH ❌ (@BishirDeborah) September 19, 2020

It was RBGs decision to not retire during the 8 yrs of BHO. I can’t wait until the conspiracy theorists somehow blame @realDonaldTrump for her passing at this specific time. Will RBGs passing be listed as a COV19 death???

— LynnFYI (@LynnFYI) September 19, 2020

They were arrogant and thought Hilary would win. It’s interesting her granddaughter said as soon as she died, her dying wish was to not have her replaced until a new President was put in place. Schumer said the same thing. How do they know there will be a new President??? Cheat?

— D Mac 73 (@DaveMcGinley1) September 19, 2020

This evenings 4th place crazy award go to Krazy Kar Karen…..Your participation trophy is on its way…..unhinged!!

— 🙏🙌ShaunJ🙌🙏 (@shaunjean) September 19, 2020

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