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Liberal journalist Rebecca Traister of the New Republic appeared on MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner where she told the host that Hillary Clinton had not been consistently saying anything for the last 30 years. In fact, she argued that many of the things that Hillary was saying 30 years ago, she stopped saying about 25 years ago, and continued changing what she was saying throughout her political career. It’s not until recently that she began saying some of the things that she was also saying 30 years ago.

Traister’s right, and this is exactly why no one trusts Hillary Clinton and most Americans believe that she can’t be honest. Her opinions, beliefs, ideas, philosophies, etc. all shift with the prevailing winds of the day. Want to know Hillary Clinton’s opinion? Just find out what the latest public opinion polls are saying about the topic and you’ll likely have a basic idea of what she “believes.”

She was saying lots of things as a college student and not just as a college student, as a young professional, for many years as a young lawyer, a young advocate. She was saying certain things. She has not been saying them since college. There was about a 25-year detour away from those things and now she’s returned to a lot of them. 

It’s interesting, there are lots of structural reasons for the detour, the person she was as a college student, a liberal, civil rights obsessed, tough, ambitious, feminist woman did not go over well with the American public, or with Arkansas. She had to do everything from give up her name… So there were reasons she took the detour in order to become more palatable and thus more politically plausible.

So it’s not without reason, but she has not been consistently saying anything for 30 years. You can simultaneously point out that what she’s saying now and the more liberal positions she’s taking have legitimate roots in her youth and not just her collegiate youth, her professional early commitments, but it’s also true at some point there has got to be an acknowledgment that there hasn’t been a straight line between those things.


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