Liberalism Truly is a Mental Disorder – Exhibit A: Maryland Mall Shooter


This is an excellent article describing the failures of progressive politics and the mental illness of liberalism. As is typically the case, the Maryland mall shooter was a begrudged liberal who had personal issues affecting his happiness. What this translates to in liberal la-la land is that we all have the potential to be mentally ill because of the cruelty and uncertainty of American life. The shooter, Darion Marcus Aguilar, was a leftist dedicated to animal rights activism and had gone as far as giving up meat and becoming a vegan after watching a documentary depicting the methods in which animals are slaughtered. Why are all of these shooters liberals, and why do most liberals seem so unhappy with their lives? I’m not sure about the first part of that question. I can, however, offer a brief analysis about the second part. Liberals are, in most cases, extremely unhappy with their lives because, on some level, they know they have dedicated themselves to a cause that does nothing but leave a wake of destruction in its path. They know they have done this in order to satisfy one little selfish part of their existence, to satisfy one little urge to change the world to their image, as opposed to simply letting things be. This may not be one hundred percent accurate, but it’s my analysis and I’m standing by it.

Here’s the real issue we have to face with liberalism folks. Somehow, they are able to form any argument to their favor no matter how it may seem to support our positions. The recent Maryland Mall shooting is a perfect example of this. While pro-gun conservatives are quick to point out that the shooting occurred in another “gun free zone,” we are overlooking an important detail pertaining to the minds of liberals. Through the use of the Hegelian Dialectic, (I have described this in many articles, but in this case I will allow the reader to research it) liberals can turn any failure into an argument supporting their position. The big detail to pay attention to here isn’t the failure of gun free zones, but the fact that the shooter, another mentally ill liberal ding dong obtained a dangerous 12 gauge shot gun legally from a “local sporting goods store.” This is designed to strike fear into the public and at the same time allows liberals to take advantage of the failing gun free zone madness and look to another way of achieving their objectives. In this case, they are taking full advantage of highlighting just how easy it was for a mentally ill person to obtain a dangerous weapon. They will then readily admit that the gun free zone is a failure as long as these weapons are able to be purchased by any Joe Blow on the street. Thus they create a frenzied mentality that more gun laws are needed. Diabolical, to say the least, but it’s the way a mind trained in Marxism works.

This is the same method they are using to achieve their Utopian dream of a single payer system, essentially. They have created a monster of a system that has destroyed health care as we knew it in this country, and the argument that will be made is that a single payer system will be the only viable alternative. This is the Hegelian Dialectic at work; the problem, reaction, solution strategy so effectively employed by the liberal left. They are constantly masquerading as the perfect solution to the problems they have created.

In another great article written by a fellow Freedom Outpost contributor. The author really lays it on the line describing the history of progressive democrats all the way back to manifest destiny. The democrat party has always been the one seeking more “centralized power” and this is a fact that liberals hide very well. Woodrow Wilson, for instance, is known as America’s first fascist president; one that took brutal actions against women fighting for their right to vote. Yet today, because of the mental illness that is liberalism, this fact is completely ignored, and the democrat party is known by many women as being the champion of their rights. Never mind the fact that it was the Republican Party that first brought women into politics in the mid 1800’s, and passed the women suffrage bill despite democrat opposition. The issue of poverty and welfare dependence is another great example. Starting an impossible war on poverty in 1969, one trillion dollars has been wasted trying to eradicate poverty by wealth redistribution. Today, the democrats argue that we need more wealth redistribution in order to alleviate poverty. Wouldn’t this be viewed, in a sane world anyhow, as an admission of failure on the part of democrats? If wealth redistribution was so successful at alleviating poverty, then why do we need to keep redistributing it?

These are just a few examples in which democrats seize the advantage and continue to form the world in their image based on their own failures. If conservatives don’t wake up to this little tactic, there will be little that can be done to stop them from employing it. I think that many people are actually aware that this is the game being played, and in many ways the liberals depend on your not only being ignorant of it, but being able to overwhelm you with it as well. They are working frantically to create a world where we no longer desire freedom, but view ourselves as unmanageable animals that need their elite guidance in order to survive. That’s the mental illness of liberalism.

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