Liberty, Opportunity… Feminism?


There are many reasons people love America; liberty, personal responsibility and the opportunity to succeed on one’s own merits and abilities to name a few. I recently learned that there are some other reasons as well, reasons in fact you wouldn’t quite expect.

You see it was a typical Monday night class in which the students were regurgitating the professor’s position on America oppressing illegal immigrants because of their lack of affordable health care services. In fact we were discussing one particular story about an immigrant who received a free surgery yet somehow he was oppressed while veterans are going without health care. In my usual rude and unapproachable fashion I intervened by saying that people around the globe still come to America to find freedom and escape oppression. I also said that people still love this country because of the freedom and opportunity it provides. For a brief moment I thought I had made a point with the professor as she looked up and to the right as if in search of a lost memory. I found her reply a little disconcerting.

“Yes you are right, many people do love America. I think the founding of feminism was definitely one of the things that made this country great.”

I knew I was surrounded by feminists but to hear this radical leftist refer to the founding of feminism as a defining moment in the history of America, one that that was responsible for her greatness no less was enough to make any patriots stomach crawl. Don’t get me wrong, I am a full advocate for a woman being paid the same as a man if she is doing the same job, this isn’t the issue. Though, to many young naive feminists the definition of their movement seems to stop with these petty issues because they are ignorant of the real meaning behind their cause. The feminism this professor was referring to was the hard core Marxists feminism. These people do not view the traditional family structure the way you and I do. I learned this when another professor, another radical leftist mind you told me that women don’t need men to procreate, only their sperm. I suppose that’s true, it’s just not what you expect to hear in a family social work class, until you read the text book that is. Then you realize that these people really do view testosterone as being the single cause of all society’s ills. I was literally reading a college text book where trained social workers enter the home and teach children that the patriarchal structure they live in is the cause of their stress.

In my opinion the issue of feminism and women’s rights is another in a long line of liberal issues that do little else except make them look foolish. The reason of course is because they don’t know their own history. For instance, just as it is well known among thinking people that it was the liberal democrats responsible for the KKK and Jim Crow segregation, so is it true that it was liberal democrat Woodrow Wilson suppressing the first women’s rights movement while republicans were fighting for their rights. This of course was the fight for women’s voting rights known as Women’s Suffrage. Jonah Goldberg, in his book “Liberal Fascism” called Woodrow Wilson Americas first Fascist president; fitting title seeing as though Benito Mussolini learned a thing or two from him. With this being said I think a brief review on the founding of feminism may be in order.

It’s pretty well recognized that Betty Friedan was the official founder of the feminist movement. Her book, “The Feminist Mystique” sold over five million copies to women who had been convinced through Friedan’s work that they were “oppressed victims.” As I have demonstrated before that is a classic technique of community organizing, or “Communist agitating,” stirring up the hate and discontent. What many do not know is that Friedan was an avowed Communist who was an active participant in many of the early activities of the American communist movement. ( This is well documented in a book entitled “Betty Friedan and the making of the Feminist Mystique” by Daniel Horowitz. (freerepublic) The following points are historical facts about Friedan and her involvement with the communist movement.

  • Friedan was first exposed to socialist thinking while an undergraduate at Smith College in the late 1930s (pp. 39-49).
  • Beginning in 1940, while still a junior at Smith, Friedan became an outspoken advocate of the Popular Front, a pro-Communist umbrella that embraced a broad range of radical groups (p. 10).
  • While studying psychology at UC-Berkeley 1942-43, Friedan was a member of the Young Communist League (p. 93).
  • From 1943 to 1946, Friedan worked as journalist at the Federated Press, a left-wing news service established by Socialist Party members (p. 102).
  • In 1944, Friedan requested to join the American Communist Party. According to her FBI file, Friedan was turned down because “there already were too many intellectuals in the labor movement” (p. 93).
  • From 1946 to 1952, Friedan worked as a journalist (some would say “propagandist” is the more accurate term) at the radical United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America. According to historian Ronald Schatz, this labor union was “the largest Communist-led institution of any kind in the United States.” (p. 133). ((

The main point of Friedan’s book was that women in America were oppressed and only by breaking away from the “role and gender oppression” imposed upon them by Americas “male dominated” society could they expect to find equality. According to the documentary film “Agenda: Grinding Down America,” Friedan was actually carrying out the goals of the communists in her insistence that life for American women was nothing more that “comfortable concentration camps.” If you understand anything about the goals of Marx than you understand that the family, in order for these goals to be realized must be destroyed. That is why there is such an effort to destroy men because from a Biblical worldview we are to lead our families and teach them. Communists have a different idea. Number 40 of the 45 declared goals of the communist party is:

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

America, you need look no further than our public schools handing out condoms to eighth graders and college professors pushing feminism down the throats of your children to see the progress they have made in realizing this goal. Look at the divorce rates for goodness sake. In order to understand the full extent of this you have to study communism and its history. This is the only way to understand what “progressives” mean by progress. They truly believe that by tearing down the old “order” of things they can create a better, more perfectible society in the image of man. In the case of feminism they are doing their part be tearing down the family structure which gives the statist the needed opportunity to intervene and impose their will upon the broken family. The main idea is once again revolving around the technique of teaching people they are oppressed in order to get the hate and discontent flowing.

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