The Lie of Global Warming – Proof of Communist Indoctrination


Hanging on the walls of Oklahoma’s Northeastern State University are several posters declaring the schools purpose and mission; one of the mission statements proudly proclaims the intent to create responsible global citizens. No doubt that there are several other schools with such signs hanging in their halls. The University of Oklahoma, for example, has posters all over their school of medicine describing their up and coming doctors as “social change agents.” You can rest assure that under the guise of public safety these young “in-doctrinates” into the world of “social change” will be taught that it is socially responsible to ask their patients if they own guns. Yes, gun control is just as much a part of the global efforts to affect “social change,” in order to seat in the new world government, as global warming is. You are already seeing efforts on the part of the unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency to limit gun rights by declaring lead a pollutant. Need I say more?

Speaking of global warming and Northeastern State University, as a student I had the distinct pleasure of watching a video about how global warming was all America’s fault, and the only way to solve the problem and bring “environmental justice” (which is another word for social justice) to the world was for the United Nations to take control and redistribute our wealth. This presentation was shown at the very end of the semester, after the students had already been indoctrinated into the leftist world view with other subjects like white privilege, heterosexual privilege, social justice, multiculturalism and the repeated propaganda poisoning their minds against capitalism. I can attest that many of the students watching this film believed it and were ready to do their part to give up their individual sovereignty to fight an imaginary crisis that has been proven over and over again, to not exist.

In an environment where social justice is the dominant theme, calling out the global warming scam is almost like saying you believe a black person can achieve something without the government’s help. You will be attacked and ridiculed by people who believe that the government is the answer to everything from racism and tornados to women’s menstrual cycles and scary things that go bang. It’s funny because the most memorable moment for me was watching my professor, an admitted communist; get all excited as the film climaxed by declaring the United Nations as the sole savior of the world. It was pretty funny actually because, after all the darkness; the film portrayed concerning death and suffering because of global warming, the end showed the U.N. symbol with a ray of sunlight and peaceful music playing in the background. I about threw up.

Needless to say, we all know that the global elite will not be stopping their quest to implement change using global warming as the vehicle to do so. No matter how many times it has been proven to be a farce. As a matter of fact, the U.N. just admitted that global warming is the perfect excuse to implement world communism. Many of you may have seen this article where U.N. climate secretary Christiana Figueres cites China’s communist model as a means of combating global warming. The fact that China is one of the world’s largest polluters is proof positive that implementing communism for the purpose of control is the only thing they care about.

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The truth about the global warming scam is a complicated one because it has very little to do with actual climate change and much more to do with simply redistributing wealth. The urgency portrayed by the global warming scare is merely the vehicle being used to do so. The whole movement is based on the same lame brained motivations of the left wingers that believe the United States has been the world’s oppressors and because of our drive for wealth, which is based on greed, the rest of the world now lives in abject poverty. This was essentially the point of the video I mentioned earlier as well. I made the point of suggesting that perhaps if other governments would set the human potential free in their nations, in order to develop the resources, they wouldn’t be so poor. Nope, its America’s fault!

In order to achieve this wealth redistribution the U.N. and other communist collaborators have coined the term “Climate Debt.” Information about “climate debt” can be found here. Essentially, the United States and other rich nations (it’s just the United States) owe the rest of the world for not only making them live in poverty but destroying the climate as well. This is why global warming is called the greatest hoax ever perpetrated against mankind. Not only is it a vehicle to implement global domination, as admitted by the U.N., it is also a financial scam designed to rob the United States of its wealth.

Seeing as though I write so much about communist indoctrination, I thought pointing out this little correlation between the U.N. admission and the video I watched in school would be a good way to verify much of what I discuss. This is a global effort and the U.N. has its communist tentacles in our education system. This video presentation at the end of a four year degree in social justice is a perfect culmination to indoctrination in elementary education where children are shown movies like “The Story of Stuff.” I heard a middle school student explain to me her desire to be a lawyer so she could fight for “environmental justice.” As long as the U.N. continues to have an influence in U.S. education there will never be any way to change course.

If you have read any of my previous articles; then you know that many presidents, including conservative icons like Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower, have been signing agreements with the Soviets and the U.N. concerning education for over half a century. The goal was to peacefully merge the U.S. and Russia into the global system of government. That’s a stark reality we have to live with folks and given the circumstances of the day; you have to admit, it’s difficult to imagine that such agreements have not been signed.

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