Lies and Dang Lies Environmentalists Tell


“Romantic love is often blind. This is nowhere made more evident than in the environmental infatuation, if not worship, of a natural world which the modern greens will never be able to save no matter how totalitarian the movement becomes.” –
R. Mark Musser, author

The green infatuation and Gaia worship were prominent in Hitler’s time. Musser talks about “the green Nazi motive of the Holocaust” in his book, Nazi Oaks. “Unbeknownst to many, the highway to modern environmentalism passed through Nazi Germany. By 1935, the Third Reich was the greenest regime on the planet.”

Environmentalists have been busy for quite some time misinforming the public in a targeted assault against civilization and economic development, private property, and our way of life, under the guise of healing the planet and protecting future generations. As we saw, many influential individuals have become rich beyond belief on the platform of anthropogenic global warming and of the alarmist eventual demise of the planet due to the melting of the ice caps and glaciers flooding the world and swallowing most islands and lands bordering the oceans.

Rep. Hank Johnson went as far as saying during a House committee hearing that he feared the Island of Guam would “become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize” from the weight of 8,000 additional Marines stationed in Guam.

Environmentalists told us and especially our impressionable children that polar bears were drowning when the ice floes melted. Never mind that polar bears are really good long distance swimmers and their numbers have quintupled. Even the Discovery Channel, a source most viewers believed to be scientifically accurate, irritated the public by presenting fake docudramas in an attempt to “save the sharks.”

The environmentalists assured us that solar power is cheap, clean, and friendly to the planet. But the energy is far from safe, clean, or cheap. The environmental damage to the desert tortoise and many species of birds is alarming. Workers at the solar plant called Bright Source Energy at Ivanpah Dry Lake, California, have named the birds that fly into the plant’s flow of concentrated sun rays “streamers.” The birds that burst into flames in mid-air leave behind a smoke trail.

Wind farms chop millions of birds, including rare and endangered species, and affect animal and human behavior and health negatively as confirmed by Mark Duchamp, President of World Council for Nature. In numerous instances around the world and in Denmark, farmers had to put down animals that attacked each other, had numerous still born, and gave birth to deformed puppies.

When Ronald Reagan was president, the German environmental party, Die Grünen (the Greens,) was blaming him and the U.S. economy for the acid rain that was allegedly killing trees in Europe. A campaign sponsored by the Greens featured a button with a dying tree and the words, “Stoppt Sauere Reagan,” which meant, “Stop Acid Rain,” but the German word for rain is spelled “Regen,” not “Reagan.” It was a play on words, deliberately misspelled to point the finger in the wrong direction, certainly not based on any scientific data.

Rosalind Peterson, President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition in California, addressed the United Nations on the topic of Geoengineering and Chemtrails. She explained the weather modification programs covering thousands and thousands of miles using ground base chemicals that are shot into the air or dumped by airplanes, affecting microclimate and the growing season, and crop pollinators.

Sulphur and other chemicals are dumped or shot into the atmosphere in geoengineering attempts to “help the planet and supposedly mitigate weather warming” but they are hurting agriculture crop production by reducing the amount of sunlight necessary for photosynthesis.

Peterson testified that persistent jet contrails exacerbate global warming because they trap heat and cause serious man-made clouds, changing our climate. She explained that “one persistent jet contrail can spread to 4,000 km and last for 20 hours.”

Persistent jet contrails were unheard of in the 50s and 60s and appeared in the late 1980s. “NASA studies show that part of our global warming problem could be attributed to these types of contrails and the jets that leave them.”

In addition to sulphur, nano particles of barium, aluminum, and strontium are sprayed in the upper atmosphere worldwide in a program called atmospheric geoengineering achieved by stratospheric aerosol (chemtrails). Ted Gunderson, the late former FBI Chief, made a passionate plea to stop the “death dumps” because they are killing trees, plants, sea, and animal life worldwide. He mentioned the two locations from which unmarked airplanes fly to do the dumps, Air National Guard in Lincoln, Nebraska and Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

“We have hardly any sun anymore and all of our trees are dying. When you hike through the woods and walk through your towns and cities, you will see that the bark on the trees is turning black, cracking, and in case of the oaks here in NYC and Long Island, the bark is completely falling off!”

It is a fact that wind and solar energy are “parasitic power producers” because they need back-up energy produced through the burning of coal, natural gas, or nuclear and hydro-power generation.

It is also a known fact that large wind and solar power plants can only be built with large government subsidies and the electricity generation is inadequate for our huge economy, it is expensive, intermittent, and unreliable. Many solar power plants have gone bankrupt around the world in spite of government subsidies.

The claim that global warming causes oceanic acidification can be easily debunked because there is insufficient CO2 in the atmosphere (0.04 %) to make a difference in the oceans’ alkaline pH of 8. In order to significantly modify the oceans’ pH, CO2 must come from other sources such as underwater volcanoes.

CO2 dissolved in tap water (seltzer water) is a weak, unstable acid. If you leave a soda can open, the CO2 dissipates and what is left is sweet colored water.

What about the “greenhouse gas effect?” Greenhouse gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone) are defined as “gases in an atmosphere that absorb and emit radiation within the thermal infrared range” in a process that is presented as the “fundamental cause of the greenhouse effect.” It is believed by environmental science “consensus” that these “greenhouse gases affect the temperature of the Earth.”

Ka-Kit Tung, adjunct professor of applied mathematics at the University of Washington and Xianyao Chen of the Ocean University of China proved in their study published in Science magazine that 30-year global warming and cooling cycles are caused by sun-warmed salty water from the tropics, traveling along ocean currents.

Upon reaching the North Atlantic, the saltier tropical water sinks due to its greater density. The process is called warm saltwater subduction. “When [the water] sinks, it goes straight down, and the sinking carries heat along with it.” According to the study, “about 90 percent of the Earth’s heat is stored in the oceans due to the atmosphere’s limited storage capacity.” We are currently in a cooling cycle. Oceanic currents seem to be a thorn in the anthropogenic CO2 global warming agenda.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recognizes that oceans, covering 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, “play a major role in regulating the weather and climate of the planet.” Water cycles, surface and deep ocean currents, ocean density, atmospheric winds, oceanic convection, and the Earth’s rotation are variables affecting temperature, weather events, and climate.

While we are forced to back on carbon cut dioxide, the gas of life that plants need in order to grow and thrive, horticulturists add CO2 to their greenhouses in order to accelerate the growth of plants and vegetables.

The sun is an important variable that affects global surface temperatures and is conveniently overlooked by the global warming scientists. During the 20th century there was a record solar activity that has not occurred in 3 millennia which happened to peak during our global warming period.

“The climate models of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seem to underestimate the impact of natural factors on the climate change, while overstate that of human activities.”

The two sun events that have direct effects on the globe are solar flares, sudden increases in electromagnetic wave and particle emissions, and coronal mass ejections, erupting filaments at speeds of hundreds to thousands of km/s. Both disturb the “solar wind, the Earth’s magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere systems, causing geomagnetic storms when entering interplanetary space.” Source

Carbon is not a pollutant, it is a chemical element and as such, it cannot be released into the atmosphere by itself. C02 is the gas needed for plant life and it is exhaled by all living, breathing animals. Methane is a gas released by all animals. Methane and CO2 are constantly belched by volcanoes on land and under the sea.

At the end of the day, all the rhetoric that environmentalists are bombarding us with every day, using different euphemism to play our heart strings has the common denominator of total control of our daily lives. Even John F. Kennedy made a speech on September 25, 1961 to the U.N. General Assembly, envisioning “satellites as key to global communication and weather control.”

The Washington Post publishes almost daily articles promoting global warming/climate change and demonizing those who are skeptics. Apparently “climate change deniers are short on scientific literacy.” We do believe in climate change – it has been changing for millennia. We just don’t believe the progressive version of anthropogenic global warming/climate change. It does not matter how hard the “Green Team” is trying to convince the “God Squad” that humans changed the climate. God and variables in nature are in control. (Washington Post, What, me worry about climate change, George Marshall, August 24, 2014)

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” It would be nice if progressives would remember this rhetoric they fancy before they spend the next trillion dollars we do not have that we must either print or borrow. (Washington Post, Jay Fisette, Cities fighting climate change may finally get help, August 24, 2014)

This summer has been so unusually cool; leaves are changing color already in August in Pennsylvania. Environmentalism is not about common sense, factual science, or saving the planet, it is an agenda of “consensus” pseudo-science and enslavement to the wishes of a few. In the process of implementing this agenda, the politicians and global elites who heavily promote the global warming scam and pass legislation to force the entire planet into compliance are becoming millionaires and billionaires, using our ignorance and stupidity.

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