Pennsylvania Man Grabs Robber's Gun & Beats Him with It


In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a man found himself staring at a robber’s gun, but instead of handing over his money he puts his life on the line. John McGowan approached the robber as he stared down the barrel of the criminal’s handgun. Tackling him, he took the gun from his attacker and began to beat him with it.

John McGowan’s car had just previously been totaled, and he went into the local Sunoco station. It was around 1:30am Saturday morning. Surveillance video shows a masked man walked in, and points a gun inches from McGowan’s face and demand money.

McGowan told the masked man, “You are messing with the wrong guy.” He then went after the guy tackling him right in to the rack of potato chips.

The incident was caught on surveillance video:

“I just started wrestling with him. We went to the ground and got him in a Brazilian Jujitsu choke hold and just beat him with his own gun,” McGowan said

McGowan held the man until police arrived just minutes later.

The suspect, 20-year-old CJ Gostynski, is facing 33 charges including robbery and assault. Inside the truck of Gostynski, police found an AR-15 rifle with 60 rounds of ammunition. Gostynski has no criminal history.

Wally Mansour, the owner of Sunoco, who just met McGowan, calls him a hero.

“It was like an action movie. He put his life on the line that’s for sure. He put his life on the line, and he was brave enough to do it,” said Mansour.

McGowan, who injured his hand in the attack, says although police wouldn’t advise it, he would do it all over again.

I’d say we need quite a bit more men like John McGowan in our country. We would all be a lot better off with manly men, who show courage in the face of those who would attempt to strike fear into the hearts of law abiding citizens.

Well done John McGowan!

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