Mark Sanford To Congress Or The Appalachian Trail?


I admit that I liked Mark Sanford as Governor of my state. He took a lot of principled stands. However, when the man was knowingly engaged in adultery, unrepentant of it and engaged in using the public treasury to fund it, while at the same time talking about God and forgiveness, that’s when I lost all respect for the man. He was out of the spotlight following leaving office and being replaced by Governor Nikki Haley. Now he’s back in it due to winning the congressional seat vacated by no Senator Tim Scott.

Sanford beat back the sex scandal to win against his opponent Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, sister of television satirist Stephen Colbert. The election was more personality driven than anything. He took 54 percent of the vote compared to Colbert Busch’s 45 percent.

“I’ve talked a lot about grace over the course of this campaign. I get it in a way that I never have before,” Sanford told his supporters. “I just want to acknowledge a God not just of second chances, but third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth chances.”

What he failed to recognize is the Bible’s teaching on repentance and why so many refer to engaging in what he did and continuing in it rather than being repentant, hypocritical. In fact, Meghan McCain tweeted out the following and received a poignant smackdown from David Burge:

What amazes me is the people that don’t think what happened with Sanford is important. Though I’m no fan of Colbert Busch, the attack about deserting the state in 2009 to frolic with his Argentinian mistress were spot on. On top of that, Sanford lied about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Sanford was fined more than $70,000 for ethics violations, which included using public money for his Argentinian mami.

He should have been removed from office for dereliction of duty.

This cost him not only financially, but it also cost him his family. His wife divorced him.

He never cut things off with his mistress, Maria Belen Chapur, but instead is engaged to her and she attended his victory party.

Sorry guys, if we are going to call out people like Bill Clinton for engaging in adultery in the Oval Office and then we are going to seek his impeachment for lying about it, then a man like Mark Sanford should never have been elected to another office.

You might say, “Well, but he was better than his opponent and we can’t trust Democrats.” Fine, that may be, but let me ask you something. Considering this man lied to the people of his state in the capacity of the highest office of the state and lied to the person that he is closest to, his wife, what makes you think he won’t lie to the people of South Carolina again now that he is in Washington? See the point?

Dr. Gary North, in writing about why former congressman Ron Paul never fit in on Capitol Hill, recalled “I grew up among the most beautiful women on earth: the Southern California beach scene. I lived two blocks from the sand. The best-looking women in the region got on bathing suits and headed for the beaches on the weekends. Unattractive women tended not to do this. The curves on the beach are not bell-shaped. It was not until I worked on Capitol Hill that I saw that many good looking women in one place. They weren’t there for the sunshine. Congressmen have made it to the top in the realm of power. It does not satisfy. They can hire good looking women. They can meet good looking women. They cannot help but meet good looking women.”

To place Mark Sanford in this position is just humiliation waiting to happen. He cannot be trusted and sooner or later the man will succumb in that environment. He’s already done it in South Carolina.

“I think you can go back in and you can ask for a second chance in a political sense once,” he said Tuesday.

Sanford garnered the endorsement of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

Is there no one who wants good character and morality in elected officials anymore? Is there anyone who is concerned about the lack of repentance from a man that names the name of God?

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