Mark Zuckerberg for President: Is the Facebook Founder Setting Up The Means To Silence His Opponents?


Back in May, we ran two articles about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg which seem to indicate that he will throw his hat into the ring for president.  You can read those articles here and here.

Now, before you laugh at the idea, consider the kinds of people that have occupied the Oval Office.

We currently have Donald Trump, who many supposed would be a fluke and never make it past the primaries.

But celebrity status does have its advantages.

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We’ve had a Hollywood actor as president in Ronald Reagan,  a two-term president.

We had a usurper in the White House, who didn’t even serve one term as a US Senator, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.

I could go on and on with men who occupied the office who were not even qualified morally or with the knowledge of the Constitution to do so, but none of that matters in today’s America, right?  Right.

All that matters is that you say what the people want to hear or you have a well-known name. This is demonstrated in the fact that people like Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are considering running for office.

I’ll even bet Harvey Weinstein would have a shot!

Well. Zuckerberg knows what the people want to hear, and he has the ability to shut down any dissent from his message.  In fact, with all of the “fake news” nonsense that Facebook, Twitter and Google are attempting to censor in Nazi-like fashion, this sets up the perfect storm for Zuckerberg to shut out his opponents, and I’m not the only one that thinks Zuckerberg would use Facebook to manipulate public opinion.

Michael Snyder previously reported:

As Salon has detailed, he is already behaving very much like a presidential candidate…

Zuckerberg recently started his “personal challenge for 2017,” which is focused on meeting individuals in every state. Just last week Zuckerberg visited a Ford factory in Michigan and made an unexpected visit to Ohio where he was hosted by a family of Democrats that voted for Donald Trump, according to the Guardian. A few days later Zuckerberg was on the move to Indiana where he met with members of a fire department in Elkhart, and then he finished his trip in Wisconsin. He said he needs to visit about 30 states to complete the challenge by the end of the year.

David Plouffe, who served as campaign manager for Barack Obama, “joined the philanthropic Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, to lead policy and advocacy. Other politicians from both parties have also joined the organization,” according to Vanity Fair.

Zuckerberg also recently backtracked on his stance as an atheist. “I was raised Jewish and then I went through a period where I questioned things, but now I believe religion is very important,” Zuckerberg said. Of course, it’s quite difficult for someone to run for president and not believe in a God.

Because Facebook has become so immensely powerful, there are some that would suggest that going to the White House would actually be a step down for Zuckerberg.

So far, he seems to be the most serious of the “celebrity candidates”, but another that is getting quite a lot of attention right now is “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson.  During a recent interview with GQ, he said that a run for president was “a real possibility”…

So, after all that consideration, Johnson doesn’t hesitate when I ask him whether he honestly might one day give up his life as the highest-paid movie star on earth—which is unquestionably easier, more fun, and more lucrative than being president of the United States—in order to run for office. “I think that it’s a real possibility,” he says solemnly.

And this is not the first time he has made such a statement.  Even before the 2016 election, Johnson was openly talking about a political career…

Last summer, Johnson, who was the highest paid actor of 2016, bringing home a whopping $64.5 million, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” co-host Michael Strahan that a political career is “very real” to him.

The “Baywatch” star said the idea of him becoming commander in chief “has become a legit thing to some people.” He said he will take the “temperature of the American people” as “time goes on.”

“If it is a very real, overwhelming, positive, strong, ‘We want you to run for president,’ and if I felt that I can step up to the plate and become a tremendous leader for our country and make a real difference and make change, I would do it,” he said at the time.

That’s not all.  According to Zuckerberg, society would be far better off if everyone got an income from the government…

“Every generation expands its definition of equality. Now it’s time for our generation to define a new social contract,” Zuckerberg said during his speech. “We should have a society that measures progress not by economic metrics like GDP but by how many of us have a role we find meaningful. We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

Zuckerberg said that, because he knew he had a safety net if projects like Facebook had failed, he was confident enough to continuse on without fear of failing. Others, he said, such as children who need to support households instead of poking away on computers learning how to code, don’t have the foundation Zuckerberg had. Universal basic income would provide that sort of cushion, Zuckerberg argued.

Mark Zuckerberg basically has all the intel he needs to run a successful campaign because many Americans have freely put their entire lives and privacy on his platform.

I confess I use Facebook only as the means to promote the websites I write for or the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and while I do have a few items of family, I don’t use it to tell about any and everything I do.

Still, the platform is ready and the notion of “fake news” has been established so that Zuckerberg could silence his critics across a worldwide platform in such a way that even Adolph Hitler would be proud.

Zuckerberg defends Islam.  He defends sodomy, which is still a crime in many states and was considered a crime not only in the Bible, but among America’s founders and the states.  He promotes Socialism, and in all of these things, he is promoting anti-Americanism and anti-Christianism.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg’s Facebook actively seeks to silence those who speak out against these things, calling dissenters’ comments “hate speech.”

Yes, I know he claims to be a Jew.  That means nothing.  I mean just look at how Jesus dealt with the Judaisers of His day.  Just read what Talmudic Judaism teaches.

Consider the platform Zuckerberg runs though.

He literally has the means to shutdown virtually any dissent, and has demonstrated it time and again over the years.

Facebook has been used to censor the news, censor conservative voices and even cut them off completely.  And when they can’t do that, they seek to starve them financially, along with their partners in crime, Google and Twitter.

The upcoming political season in America is truly something that will be historic if Zuckerberg does seek the White House and he should not be taken lightly, especially since he is so well known and even liked among a large percentage of the upcoming voting population.

This is why America’s representatives need to begin to look at using anti-trust laws to break up outfits like Facebook, Twitter and Google, as well as liberty minded Americans need to begin to look to start new social media platforms that are not limited by ideology for the masses to gravitate towards.

Otherwise, it is quite possible that the Zuckerberg propaganda ministry will be virtually the only thing we hear from come 2020, and our voices will be relegated to an echo chamber.

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