Marxism in America: The Stage Is Set & We Are Well Into Stage 3


Has anyone been paying attention to what is going on in this country? DHS has been acquiring armored vehicles and soliciting millions of rounds of ammunition, FEMA camps have been set up across the county, and Government forces are doing excessive training in regards to “Urban Pacification.” The Christian holiday Christmas, has been all but eradicated from local and State governments and Easter is next. The Supreme Court has decided how we as Americans define marriage. So many “mass shootings” have taken place, and the latest one will re-ignite further attacks on our Second Amendment rights.   All this began to move at a faster pace almost directly after Barack Hussein Obama’s reelection. The European Union is on the verge of a financial collapse, and you are only kidding yourself if you don’t think that will not affect us here in America. All one has to do is look at the big picture and the answer is directly and frighteningly right in our faces.

I strongly suggest that you read and pay close attention to the links provided and the awful truth about what is happening in this country will hit you in the face like a bucket of ice water!

  1. Demoralization – Make Americans feel that they have not lived up to the concepts of its Forefathers; that they are downright racist, greedy, hateful and selfish. In other words, make them feel guilty as hell for wanting to be the best and successful!
  2. Destabilization – Promote: economic chaos, racial unrest, class warfare, promote homosexuality as normal behavior and promote hatred of Christianity. Get the entire population of the country and the opposing political party (Republican) to fight amongst itself.
  3. Crisis – Create crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis so that eventually Americans will be desensitized to it.
  4. Gain complete control over all aspects of the media. Pass legislation to re-define who is protected by “Shield Laws”, so the government can silence 99% of all opposition on the Internet and other “social networks.”
  5. Normalization – After desensitizing the American people to the crisis factor, anything that is not a crisis will seem “normal.” And after disarming the civilian population you are in complete control and mop-up anybody who stands in your way.

This is exactly what Obama and his minions are doing right now!

Do you ever wonder why America has become so conscious of Political Correctness?

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It started after WWI right here:

I wondered as I watched the news all day about the D.C. Naval Yard shooting, ah, here we go again. Another mass-shooting and it will rekindle the gun control debate. Democrats were “on the ropes” on this issue, and just as it seemed that the Constitutionalist’s were to prevail, another “mass-shooting” occurred. It most certainly comes at the right time for Democrats to point and yell – “See…We told you!” Now the gun debate will become the focus again. It is also quite “funny” (not ‘ha-ha’ funny), but most interesting, that Senator Diane Feinstein wants to pass legislation to “define” what constitutes a “News Reporter” and a “17 year old with a blog.”

We were winning, ladies and gentlemen. We were winning, so I find this new domestic “crisis” to come at a most fortuitous time for the Obama Administration. Don’t you?

And, I hate to say “I told you so,” but I was correct about the “crisis” in Syria slowly fading away.

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