MASSIVE Ambulance TRUCK BOMB Found at Football Stadium (UPDATED)


They are cancelling games all over Europe. Another arena was also evacuated before a concert, and a train station was also shut down.

What an iconic target — the Europeans LOVE their football (soccer).

How long before the running dogs in the media blame …. us?

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Germany-Netherlands soccer game canceled, stadium evacuated, Merkel was set to attend match UPDATE: Police found an ambulance car “FULL OF EXPLOSIVES”

‘There were serious plans to explode something tonight’ – Hannover Police Details Germany v. Netherlands Evacuation

“Ambulance Truck Bomb Found at Hannover Stadium: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” Heavy, November 17, 2015

Just days after ISIS terrorists attacked Paris, an ambulance packed with explosives was found outside of a soccer stadium in Hannover, Germany, a German newspaper reported.

The truck disguised as a rescue vehicle was found before the German national team was set to play Netherlands on Tuesday, which led to the evacuation of the HD Arena and the cancellation of the game.

Police said they had a “concrete threat” that there was a planned explosion at the arena.

The German soccer team was playing against France when the terror attacks occurred on November 13.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Cancellation Came About 90 Minutes before Kickoff

Police check the stands after the friendly football match was cancelled. (Getty)

An announcement was made at the Hannover stadium about 90 minutes before the friendly match was set to be played, asking all in attendance to leave the arena. Fans were told to leave “quickly,” but without panic and go home.

The announcement said, “Please go in small groups back home, it’s better this way.”

The game was set to start at 8:45 p.m. local time. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other cabinet ministers were set to attend the game.

According to the Associated Press, Hannover police chief Volker Kluwe said on TV, “We had concrete evidence that someone wanted to set off an explosive device in the stadium.”

An earlier threat had turned out to be a false alarm, police said.

“After the first object turned out to be harmless, we got a tip that had to be taken seriously that an attack was being planned,” Kluwe said.

Heavily armed police were seen outside the stadium and were searching vehicles as they left the area.

There was already tight security at the stadium, the Associated Press reports. Bags were being searched and police bomb sniffing dogs were on hand.

2. Another Arena Was Also Evacuated Before a Concert & a Train Station Was Shut Down

Police checks cars as supporters leave the stadium after the friendly football match was called off for security reasons. (Getty)

TUI Arena in Hannover has also been evacuated, the Associated Press reports. Attendees at the arena were waiting for the band Soehne Mannheims to play, the AP reports.

A train station was shut down after a suspicious device was found, RT reports.

3. Suicide Bombers Detonated Explosives Outside of the National Soccer Stadium during the Paris Attacks

Police forces stand guard outside the Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis, north of Paris after three suicide bombs were detonated. (Getty)

During the attacks in France on November 13, three suicide bombers detonated explosives outside of Stade de Francis, just north of Paris. One other person, who was waiting to enter the stadium, was killed in the explosions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, one of the bombers attempted to enter the stadium, where France was playing against Germany during a game attended by French President Hollande, but was stopped at a security checkpoint. He then detonated his bomb, and the two other attackers soon followed suit.

The game continued, and after the area was determined to be clear fans were let out of the stadium. Hollande was evacuated after gunmen attacked multiple other locations in Paris.

4. A Soccer Game between Belgium and France Was Also Cancelled

Belgian police officers stand guard before a training session of the Red Devils, the Belgian police officers stand guard before a training session of the Red Devils, the Belgian national football team, on November 15, 2015, in Brussels, prior to a friendly football match against Spain. (Getty)

On Monday, a game scheduled to be played Tuesday in Brussels between the Belgium and Spain was also cancelled over security concerns, the BBC reported.

“Taking into account the exceptional circumstances, we cannot take any security risk to our players and fans,” the Belgian Football Association said in a statement, adding it deeply regrets the late decision to cancel the match and understood the disappointment of supporters.


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UPDATE: Heavy is now reporting that no explosives were found.

Officials say no explosives have been found at a soccer stadium in Hannover, Germany, despite a report from a German newspaper that a truck bomb disguised as an ambulance was located at the arena.

Lower-Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius, said no explosives have been found at the stadium, HDI Arena. Pistorius, speaking at a press conference, also said no arrests have been made. The stadium was evacuated before Germany’s game against the Netherlands after several credible tips about a possible bombing were reported to German authorities just days after the Paris attacks were carried out by ISIS terrorists.

The newspaper Kreiszeitung reported a truck disguised as a rescue vehicle was found which led to the evacuation of the HD Arena and the cancellation of the game.

Police said they had a “concrete threat” that there was a planned explosion at the arena in northern Germany.

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