MDA Founder Claims NRA Supporting 2nd Amendment Is Attacking Americans


We’ve all heard the old saying, “you just can’t fix stupid.”  Moreover, the expression, “stuck on stupid,” is apt when it comes to some individuals and politicians who refuse to understand the concept of individual unalienable rights bestowed by God – God-given individual unalienable rights.  This is most prevalent when one is highlighting the Second Amendment of the Constitution for the united States of America.

Enter stage right is Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts.  In her response to a tweet by the National Rifle Association (NRA) criticizing Hillary Clinton’s gun control, read confiscation, plans, Watts claimed the NRA’s fight against gun control was, essentially, “an attack on Americans.”  Intervening on behalf of Hillary Clinton, Watts responded to a tweet by the NRA that focused on the dangers of a Supreme Court stacked with Clinton nominees.

Breitbart reported:

The NRA tweeted: “The attack on #2A is clear. A Clinton SCOTUS would hack away at our #2A rights.” They ended the tweet with “#Guns” and “#NeverHillary.”

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The attack on #2A is clear. A Clinton SCOTUS would hack away at our #2A rights. #Guns #NeverHillary

— NRA (@NRA) August 24, 2016

Watts responded: “Attack on Americans clear: [NRA] lobbyists paid millions to hack away at lifesaving gun laws.” Watts ended her tweet by voicing her support for Clinton via the hashtag “#ImWithHer.”

Attack on Americans clear: @NRA lobbyists paid millions to hack away at lifesaving gun laws. #2A #ImWithHer

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) August 29, 2016

Which “lifesaving gun laws” would Shannon Watts be referring?  Background checks?  Waiting periods?  All unconstitutional legislation related to guns?  Gun bans existing in US cities?  Restrictions on magazine clips, certain types of weapons, etc.?  All defeated gun control/confiscation legislation?  Anyone who has followed this issue knows that in cities with strict gun control laws, criminals still have guns, commit crimes, and engage in shooting incidences while law-abiding citizens living there have been left defenseless.  Peruse the Chicago news on Monday morning to see how many individuals ended up wounded or dead due to “strict gun control” laws.

As Breitbart pointed out, “It is interesting to note that Watts did not argue with the NRA’s key point, namely, that Clinton plans to use the Supreme Court to go after the Second Amendment.”  Watts strategically focused on the NRA blatantly declaring that any resistance to gun control is an “attack on Americans.”  

Recently, individuals have committed mass shooting incidences after passing universal background checks – the San Bernardino shooter, the Fort Hood attackers, the Aurora movie theater shooter.  These individuals passed the universal background check indicating these measures do not work, much less classified as “lifesaving gun laws.”  But, this matters not to those who fail to understand that rights are bestowed by God, precede government, and government exists to protect those rights.  When expressing this to individuals like Shannon Watts, one might as well be speaking Klingon.  However, despite  individuals like Watts being “stuck on stupid,” those who uphold the Constitution, embrace God-given individual unalienable rights, and understand government’s responsibility to protect those rights are required to continually “teach” this individuals in an attempt to “fix stupid.”

Ms. Watts, whether you like it or not, there is a God who has been most generous in bestowing upon individuals certain rights that should not be violated – the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness being but few of these rights.  Despite what you think or want, your opinions and rights do not trump everyone else’s or God’s will.  

It’s obvious you care little for God and the Constitution, which recognizes that rights precede government and guarantees those rights from being infringed without due process of law.  That being said, the Second Amendment recognizes the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms, as the militia is comprised of individual citizens, without government infringing on any measure that could limit that right.  Whether you like it or not, God bestowed that right upon every individual and neither you nor government has the right or authority to attempt to remove what has been bestowed by God.  You are not God and neither is the government.  What God gives is God’s to take away, if He so chooses.

If you do not like guns, are afraid of guns or simply have some irrational feelings about weapons, it is your choice not to keep or bear arms.  If you do not mind being defenseless against those who would do you or your family harm or being defenseless against a tyrannical government, again, that is your choice to make.  However, you have no leg to stand on when trying to remove that right for others.  And, a government that infringes upon any God-given individual unalienable right has usurped their authority, become despotic and tyrannical in nature, and should be replaced by the people who created it.

You see, Ms. Watts, people created this government in order to protect God-given individual unalienable rights.  It is a self-evident truth contained in the Declaration of Independence.  As such, the authority of government is limited and defined at the federal level.  Any governmental legislation infringing on any individual God-given right without due process is unconstitutional.  Where the right to keep and bears arms is concerned, government has zero constitutional authority to limit or control that right.  You know all of this but choose to continue along the “stupid” path.  

Do you think that gun control will stop crime?  Nope.  It’s already being done in Chicago and other cities and states with no success.  Do you think that gun control will mean no one will have guns?  Nope, because criminals will always violate the law, no matter what that law is.  It’s the reason they are called criminals.  The only thing gun control does is remove the right to keep and bear arms from law-abiding citizens, except for certain ones.  This is how dictatorial, tyrannical governments operate – inequality under the law.

Removing the right to keep and bear arms from law-abiding citizens only means that police, the military controlled by the government, criminals and body guards for the elite, wealthy, powerful and political figures will have guns.  This means that everyone is at the mercy of those who have the guns.  It means a de facto police/military state “ruled” by political figures protected by armed guards.  Welcome to a dictatorship overseeing a crime ridden former republic.  While this may appeal to you, it is not appealing nor even welcomed by many an American citizen.

You, Ma’am, are as much of a traitor as what sits in the Oval Office and what is running for president on the Democrat ticket.  By advocating “gun control,” which history has shown leads to confiscation, you are supporting insurrection against the people by an oligarchy.  While you may be perfectly content in relinquishing your God-given individual unalienable right, many Americans choose to keep theirs.  You have zero right or authority to try to use government as a bully to force your will and the will of your ilk upon the rest of US citizens.

Ms. Watts, you are sorely in need of God and Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.  I pray you will come to know God and Jesus;  that He will bestow upon your heart all the love, blessings and grace He has.  It is only by having a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ and understanding God’s word can you even begin to fathom what truth, freedom, liberty and justice even is.  May God touch your heart and you be bathed in the salvation of Jesus Christ and know His love and grace.

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